Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Your Weekly Beardly Broadcast

 It is mighty ridiculous how much  I love a beard. A beard and a well dressed man are a dangerous combination. I'm sure more women suffer heart issues in the month of November than any other month. In the spirit of this ever so beard growing month I've decide to dedicate a post a week to beards.Hello. This week we roll out the red carpet . . .

You've done well Hollywood, you've done well.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hey Johnny, What are You Rebelling Against?

" Whadda you got?"
Love that guy, that hollywood era and the whole idea of the movie. How does this quote relate to my life you ask, welp follow me and you shall see the light.
I'm rebelling against realizing the fact that here lately I've looked at my relationship in education as a teeter-totter: I'm hanging out way high, flailing my arms around, screaming trying to hold on while others are just hanging out at the bottom, heavy as the moon is big. I refuse to stop achieving at the standards that I have set for myself, but as my mother so wisely put it, " don't burn bridges" and my father so bluntly explained, " you wanted to do this, when you don't anymore then just don't", so I've dropped to my knees and I wake up everyday ready to learn.
Now anyone who knows my knows that biting my tongue is not my best personality trait, but I am learning to think and control my tongue. I'm learning to focus my energy. Most important I'm learning to multitask and pick my battles.
 Large group meeting where others feel they have time to just converse? Grade papers. Basketball practice warm-up and cool down? Tutor students. Too many hoops to jump through for a project. Plan differently. Feeling like aggression towards situations is getting out of hand? Start drinking coffee again.

Seriously, I've become that person that's philosophy is, "sure you can complain, but you better have a solution". I'm making decisions and moving on, I figure I'd rather be trying and doing than one of those people walking around the halls with a big gulp, cell phone out, wearing jeans on a Tuesday and blatantly throwing my co-workers hard work back into their faces.Surprisingly enough though, the attitude has kind of caught on, I told everyone how I was going to start approaching situations and we're starting to problem solve as a team; which, has us planning some interesting things for the future.  

Don't mind the Brando, he's just here to spicy up the post.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November, that month were shaving is prohibited

I love a good looking man in with a beard. Or even just a man with a beard, it makes them look good to me either way. Or as my mother says , there's a beard and then there's homeless- choose carefully.
So it's November, Thanksgiving, is almost here. I'm looking forward to spending the whole week with my family and again seeing old friends who I am catching up on lost time with.

Last year was my first year to really help out with the cooking and it was great, at first we thought I messed up the Hashbrown Casserole and then we realized I just made it better ( my grandmother just shook her head at that comment), and my Red Velvet cake was pretty decent. I'm thinking of Pumpkin Cupcakes this year instead.
Hope you enjoy the first weekend of November with that blessed extra hour of sleep, doesn't that just sound so nice.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Octoberfeast is almost over, sadly . . .

 Seriously, my favorite month hands down. Not just because my birthday is smack dab in the middle followed by my grandmother, but it's the beginning of fall. We have a guaranteed school holiday (now just for the kids, but we just need a break from each other at this point), tights, sweaters and men with beards are becoming a daily sight AND I have had soup/chili for the last three days straight.

 It has been a great month with good things, reuniting with old friends, spending more time with friends, eating outside in the crisp air and wearing high socks with my chucks.

Here's to hoping everyone had a wonderful October, visited a few pumpkin patches and head a good bowl of chili.

Cause honestly to some baseball season is the only season.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Peek Into My World

So I just read somewhere that Pinterest and Tumblr work great for high-stress people because it gives them outlets to that stress and also helps them visualize goals in an organized manner. The source was Cosmo Magazine, but I'm not complaining just happy someone understands my addiction.
Anyways, I spend so much more time there than here I figured I'd give you a peek into my other life . . . please don't judge or do, I probably would. Heads up I do not have a Wedding Obsession, yet.

One of my favorite boards has over 288 pins and I named it " Do It Like a Lady". The board has only pictures of women who have made me think at least once in my life and I definitely admire, along with women whose whole personality seems to come through in the photos even though I have no clue who they are. There are only a few photos that feature color, the majority are in black and white and for some reason I think that just makes the board even better. 
Below are a few of my favorites, so hard to choose. Click here if you'd like to take a tour of the entire board.

Every little girls big sister who we will always look up too.

Babs doing her thing.

Cher. Enough said.

The original quirky Lady.

She was on her way to play a baseball game with some boys she bribed with ice cream. She beat them into the dust. Such a Lady.

 "People always ask me, You have so much confidence. Where did that come from? It comes from me. One day I decided that I was beautiful, and so I carried out my life as if I was a beautiful girl; It doesn't have anything to do with how the world perceives you. What matters is what you see. Your body is your temple, it's your home, and you must decorate it." Miss Gabourey

Wasn't she just something

This is an obsession and love greater than.

The visual representation of my spirit

Sophisticated Lady

Why I love RocknRoll

The lady whose show raised me to be the independent gal I am today.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let Me Check My Calendar

So interesting fact about me, I am now a year older than I was the last time I blogged. Just older, not wiser. I had an amazing weekend with my family, I mean I just hate to say goodbye, but I love to hug them hello. It was a great weekend, I was able to do all that I planned except two things (stop by an old friends classroom and catch up with the roommie from the mission trip), but those are on my to do list for the next visit.

Wicked Witch now teaches 8th graders as a day job. Some would say still working with monkeys, but I'd disagree.

I will say I do see some changes from last year to this year as a person, but what do can you expect. I'm no longer fresh out of college where going to class only happened if it was convenient and I definitely logged more hours in Barnes and Nobles than I did on my transcript. Let's not even talk about the social life. While I still spend plenty of time in B&N and spend quality time with those I care about I also spend plenty of time working my tale ( English Pun) end off at a job I hold dear. I've also started thinking where will this love lead me and for some reason I'm surprised, but why baffles me because it makes so much sense. Tonight and tomorrow night I'm meeting with folks to figure out plans. I have no intentions on rushing anything and definitely believe in a little outline plan- not a detailed plan because those never workout, but a some goals.

I'm excited, I'm excited for so many things I could burst, but instead my body just gets overworked in a little amount of time and I end up passing out- like I did yesterday on the bus to our game ( First B team win and they earned it!) and like I'm about to do right now.
 Good night, I pray you have some excitement, love or just joy in you life to look forward to, it may not be that evident right here in this moment, but just take a look around some corners and I'm sure you'll find it waiting for you.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Moving Things, Doing Thangs

I just performed a huge teacher first, I mean the whole entire time I kept thinking, " Someone is about to figure out I'm pretty green and shut this down real quick." No one did though, and not only did I receive compliments for this great milestone, but I'm pretty sure there will be more. More what you ask. An end of the six weeks Write-In!!!
 Seriously, our Reading Literacy teacher handed me a print out from another explaining how every Friday all their 8th graders join them in the library for a write-in the entire period. I took that idea and turned it into a timed writing that has the students physically walk through the writing process. It was great because the kids finally saw what is needed to complete a detailed essay that answers the prompt with grammatically correct sentences and great diction. While at the same time I was able to see where they struggle in the writing process, what they don't understand about outlining and the fact that plot has not been mastered yet by the majority of my angels in disguise.
Next step, walk them through , step by step the process using the same prompt, but our class essay as a guide. Then they'll compare/contrast theirs to ours. They'll also have a partner grade the essay using the STAAR Rubric and we'll Sentence Trash on the big board. What is Sentence Trashing you say, welp, you just wait and see.

As far as life I've kind of been a roller coaster. First there's extreme joy of celebrating my birthday this upcoming weekend, hello family and friends I have missed dearly and cannot wait to hug! Then there's the rock in my stomach over reconnecting with a guy friend who I've spent the last almost six years trying to get over- I'll blame the time period on lack of decent prospects and not the fact that he's just THAT great of a guy.  Not to mention my parents have caught a second wind in this, " When will our girl settle down" speech. News flash guys, the only meal your girl has cooked in the last two years is soup . . .the thought of cooking eggs makes me no longer hungry, so doubt I'm about turn into "Holly Homemaker" anytime soon. NOW , back to birthday excitement and family hang time, seriously cannot wait!

Talk about taking the plunge

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What the Kids Say: Starting the Year Off with a Laugh

Me: Okay so I know who to grab your folders from tell me who you had last year?
Male Student: I had -, and she was a horrible teacher.
Me: You know we're friends right?
Male Student: Well, I guess we'll just call today opposite day.

Female Student: Miss if I don't have anymore room left on my paper should I get another piece of paper?
Me: Someone go ahead and answer that for her.
Male Student: Welp common sense would tell you yes, since you can't write anythnig else on that piece. Duh!
Me: Next time let's tell her in a nicer way, hmmm.
Male Student: Common sense is not nice, Miss.

Male Student: Miss, I just feel like your Attention Grabber is not my style. I want more of my style, my personality, but I don't know if you can handle it.
Me: Being as I handle your personality every single day during 5th period, I think I can handle it in a paper.
Male Student: Miss you know you like my personality, you know it, but don't worry I won't tell anyone. I know it would ruin your reputation.

Me: Please give me an example of "could", "would" and "should".
 Male Student ( referring to his best friend in class): He should have caught the football, so that we could have won the game! Just one catch and we would have won!

Hope these laughs get you through the last few days of the week. No worries, I have some pretty funny ladies too, you'll be hearing from them next time.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Yes all caps because, it's been just that long. Seriously, I worked out and hardcore at that. I did not go easy on myself and will definitely be sore tomorrow morning, but I'm already excited to workout again tomorrow.

Everyday I literally ( true definition) walk by a very nicely equipped gym in the athletic hallway I coach in and I finally used it for some good. I stayed to watch the 8th graders who I coached last year play since my 7th graders did not have a game and at some point I just decided, "Okay it's time to go workout" and I did.

The whole time players and a few student fans were walking by and I absolutely hate the idea of people watching me workout, I'm no Misti Treanor ( because I probably have her name wrong, I'm referencing the Olympic Beach Volleyball winner). I just kept telling myself, "It's okay I'm setting a good example of how to loose weight and be healthy about my body". I'm pretty sure I repeated that phrase about 20 times. But who cares because I worked out!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ha, Gotcha Ya!

So if you thought that I was actually going to write down my daily schedule for everyday of the week - in detail, you have more faith in myself than I do and I thank you for that. Maybe one day I'll be on that level.

My days are busy, I know that and I know that school plays a huge role in my life because it can, I have no family in my town, no boyfriend, no pets, not even a plant. So school being the center of my world right now is not a horrible thing, it's when people who know nothing about what I do belittle and snipe at my career choice and profession that everyone starts simplifing my schedule and turning it into something it is not.
 With that said I did say I would tell you about it, so I'll throw out some highlights.

Wimpy Wednesday
I gave up, went home and watched seven episodes of the television show New Girl, I'm not a fan of Zoey D. , but those boys are hilarious. I did not clean like I should have for my friend coming into town the next day, I do not regret the decision.

Too Cool Thursday
I jetted from school right after duty, kicked the kids out and keep on moving because I had Educators Night in the Cultural District to attend. It started at four ( when all middle school teachers in my town are still in school, great time choice guys) so I was unable to catch all of the museums I wanted to, but all the swag I was able to grab at the ones I did attend was great.
I could not help, but think " This is what it's like for those "Young Professionals" who do happy hour and speciel events after work in places with great lighting and waitstaff involved. This was way better though, I can speak from experience because the one time I attended one I kept thinking, " These people are boring, you can tell they sit behind a desk and interact on a computer, not with over 100 brewing minds". I kid, I jest. Some of them we're interesting, but not as interesting as the wonderful art I saw, the interesting stories I learned and the funny ones some fellow teachers shared.

Freaky Friday
I did not teach, just give directions today. My friend was a guest speaker and the students had to write a response essay over her occupation topic. It was lovely, I acheived so many "To Do" items AND started planning a wonderful field trip for my English I students. Unfortunately 5th period was not welcoming to her when I was not in the classroom during passing period, but she did not inform me of this until later that evening. I made a phone call Saturday morning and after Monday I'm sure there will be a few more voodoo dolls in the world who look a little like me.

The Weekend
I purposefully did not plan on doing anything school related this weekend. My "B" team does not have a game Monday so I have before school and after school time to work in the room, I'm giddy like a three year old set free at the park.

I hope all enjoy their week, I will check back in and finally, we can talk about something else way more interesting than my schedule. I'm thinking decorating, I've been doing plenty of this lately at home and in the classroom and I could definitely use some help.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today I'm a Writer, Tomorrow I'm a . . .

Bleh, this writing my schedule down is stressful, my memory is not over the moon about reliving these intensely busy days. Seriously, I leave the school with so much more to do because I have stuff to do at home. I need a "Bewitched" kind of moment, house cleaned with the twitch of my nose. Love it!

Tuesday the Terror, Oh the Terror

7:15a- Volleyball practice, from the beginning of September until the middle of April I'm at the school for practice by this time. I'm just thankful our school starts so late or else I would be waking up in the 5 o'clock hour.
8:30a- Run downstairs, get dressed. Run up stairs, check box. Run downstairs, set-up room and check e-mail.
9:20a- Teach. Like I've said before those first three classes are great independent works, but man oh man that last class is neither independent nor discussion ready- strictly guided.
12:35p- Lunch, quietly in my room. Life is good.
12:53p- They're back. I never realize how small my room is until everyone in this class is present and we're all shuffling and squeezing around each other to get from point A to point B.
1:53p- Answer a parent e-mail with a phone call. Handled it. Department meeting amongst the 8th grade teachers in order to prepare the script/outline and overall plan for our parent meeting Friday.
3:01p- Well hello 5th period. Otherwise known as the period that I talk the entire time because during the moment I take a breathe or take a sip of water some wiseguy jumps in to do his stand-up routine.
4:20p- School is out. And I'm meeting with a student who needs make-up work due to absences.
6:30p- I'm home early, what?! I rewrote the story Three Little Pigs for my class example then hightailed it out of there. Okay, okay, I was moving out the building so fast I may have forgotten to workout. It was worth it though I was finally able to hang some decor on the walls and talk to an old friend.
8:30p- Really quick I jump on the Internet to look up the information I need for class tomorrow and then boom I'm done for the day. I should be in bed by 11p. Oh snap.

Okay , but honestly I was only able to achieve three things on my to do list, bummer, but there's still the rest of the week. There is still some time AND man my rewrite of the Three Little Pigs is fabulous. I should sell it as a children's book .  . . naw, that would be even more on my to do list.
Please, oh please tell me about your day, did you stop to smell the roses? I didn't, but I did leave my scentsy on all night, oops,  so this morning my class smelled amazing.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Am I Doin' Too Much?

Maybe because I was aware that at some point I would have to sit down and write this post. Or maybe because it's the second game day of the year and I'm still adjusting. Maybe because it's Weekly Progress report day and for some reason those always cause chaos. Maybe because it's a Monday and man am I not a fan of Monday's. Whatever it was, this day has given me a headache, bellyache ( I did eat a lot of Salted Caramel Gelato) and I'm bummed because I didn't get to start my workout routine. Whatever, there's always tomorrow.


My Moving Monday:

7:15a- Blast out the front door with all my bags bummed because I didn't get to go in early, but thankful because I live for game day's when practice is an hour later.
8:30a- I made it to school by 7:45a started 8a practice on time and made my oatmeal with milk today. It's the little things.
9:20a- The tardy bell for class rings and we're off. It's a presentation day which are bittersweet. I love them because the kids are doing all the work, but hate them because there is so much work I need to get done teaching them.
12:35p- Lunch! Everyone eats with one hand, over a computer screen, holding a conversation, and blocking out the noise of screaming kids, right? Drew up my rotation for the game later and thought about how much I need to workout.
12:58p- Back to the daily grind. This class had some of the most creative presentations. Blown away.
1:43p- Conference!!! I made seven parent phone calls, turned in some forms, and laminated my word wall all in 45 minutes since I spent the last 30 minutes watching a co-workers class.
2:01p- Class starts, this is my "oh my" bunch. They make me earn my sweet darlings from the morning classes, but they are also some of the funniest people I have ever met.
4:20p- Brief meeting with some grade level teachers. Then off to coaching duties.
9:00p- Home. Home. Home. And tired as a snail on dry concrete. At least it's junior high, on the high school level I wouldn't see home until around 11p.
10:30p- Finally sent out the announcements to parents about the parent meeting Friday. Should write up my Lesson Plan Outline since the one up is officially WRONG, but it's not like anyone other than my boss reads it anyways. No worries, I'll have the right one up just in time for class tomorrow.

I should head to bed now, I want to, but seriously my head is killing me and I have to clean something. Bump that, I'll do some lunges and crunches before bed and call it quits. There's always tomorrow AND I did get all but one thing accomplished on my to do list, so the list has some vacancies.
Please, tell me about your day- from beginning to end, I want to hear all about it, including the part where a student threw up on you. True story,  a student threw up on one of my friends today . . .so  I guess my day  could have been worse.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Starting Off on a Good Note

So, in light of the Chicago Teacher's Strike CNN did a piece over a few teachers to explain why teachers do what they do despite the not always visible payoff. It was a great article that featured many different types of teachers doing what they love for various reason. Yet, typical, many people decided to focus on the gentleman who loves teaching for the vacation and the chance to be home at 2:15 with his kids, not the couple who both work two jobs just to stay afloat or the father furthering his education to ensure higher pay, but living in college housing with his family until graduation.
 Instead of all out complaining or jumping on my soapbox, that's just a wee worn out here lately, I'm going to sway with the crowd this one time, just this once, and focus on the schedule also, my schedule. For the entire week I intend to post my daily schedule on here, from top to bottom. Now I realize that every teacher doesn't teach what I teach nor do they all coach, but most teachers are doing more in school than just teaching in the classroom, so in the end the crazy hours add up just the same across the board- except for that 2:15 guy. Seriously, where does he work and do they have any openings.

Sunday_ Setting Up For the Week

10:40a- appointment at Apple because technology is just funny like that. Afterwards I grab four thumbprints from a local bakery and head to the school.
11:30a- Check into school and as always thank God I have a key since I'm a coach because my i.d. swipe still doesn't work.
2:40p- Leave the school after doing some classroom organizing, setting up some grades I'll enter later and redesign my desk number system to function better for all involved.
4:30p- Arrive home after grocery shopping for the week and cook a large lunch. Watch some online television, do some home decorating, and finally take a seat.
8:03p- Wake up from a crash out nap that started around six. Unfortunately this is the routine for my body due to trying to adjust to morning practices ( more on that later), but this is my week to nip these naps in the bud because this is just ridiculous. Read a little, procrastinate definitely and call my grandmother who I love and haven't talked to in ages.
10:30p- Lesson Plan, this actually doesn't take that long because I'm constantly planning ahead when planning so by the fourth week everything is pretty much filled in  and the longest thing is typing up my lesson plan. Enter grades, and save my weekly progress reports.

Usually I actually grade on Sunday, but do to a teacher work day on Friday I just stayed up to the school until 7:30 grading and planning our upcoming 8th grade curriculum grade meeting ( more on that later also). How did you spend your Friday night? Mine was "like" awesome ( swear if I read that word in one more formal essay!).

Every night I lay out my clothes for the next day and pack my lunch because I'm always running out the door, praying there is no traffic and carrying way to many bags. Bag lady indeed. What does your daily schedule look like, any fellow teachers who would love to follow the crowd with me feel free- let's show this typical world how so right they are about our easy schedules.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Just Could Not Stay Away

 What can I say, I'm a Libra we like to weigh our options before making a lasting decision and my lasting decision was that this blog has been calling to me in my dreams. Okay, I  exaggerate. More like plenty of things are happening and I fill I'm in a better place to share responsibly ( that makes me sound less crazy, right?).
I've made some changes in my classroom that are making a world of difference,I've decided to actually decorate my dwelling, and the kids this year are some original characters- What the Kids Say is going to be a whole new world.
I still plan to use Tumblr and Pinterest, the education communities on these social networks are ridiculously amazing and have supplied me with so many ideas. So very many.
So stay tuned, start warming your minds back up to the idea of me and what I have to offer, promise I will not let you down.

Three cheers and a pat on the back to anyone who can name this show.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Time Has Come . . .

 . . . To move on. not to better, just different. I have truly enjoyed writing this blog and getting attached to all the many other blogs I now stalk, but secretly my heart moved on long ago.
I have moved to the format of tumblr. I know. For some blogging comes naturally, but for me and where I am at this point in my life sitting down and writing out a full detailed blog is not an option, and I feel like if that is not what I provide then I am cheating you out of your time and our relationship as a whole.

 The collaboration and instant product of tumblr appeals to me on levels that post blogging does not. I love that I can just post a outfit, vintage photograph, personal photograph, quote, book and anything else that comes to mind, maybe add a little commentary and BOOM there you go! I have been watching tumblr from the shadows for many months now and loved how I was able to peek into the lives of others, in someways on an even more personal level than any blog I've ever read because it's literally your inner thoughts visually and physically represented. I know, I'm so a child of technology and instant gratification.

Feel free to stop by sometime, it's the same name, the same person, and the same desire to grow as a person just presented in a different medium.
I look forward to running into you some, feel free to stop by the pages of the people who I've fallen in love with and no worries you don't have to be a member to peek into the lives of tumblr . . .
All of the above bloggers are adventures, with wonderful souls and laughing spirits that only want to grow.