Thursday, November 1, 2012

November, that month were shaving is prohibited

I love a good looking man in with a beard. Or even just a man with a beard, it makes them look good to me either way. Or as my mother says , there's a beard and then there's homeless- choose carefully.
So it's November, Thanksgiving, is almost here. I'm looking forward to spending the whole week with my family and again seeing old friends who I am catching up on lost time with.

Last year was my first year to really help out with the cooking and it was great, at first we thought I messed up the Hashbrown Casserole and then we realized I just made it better ( my grandmother just shook her head at that comment), and my Red Velvet cake was pretty decent. I'm thinking of Pumpkin Cupcakes this year instead.
Hope you enjoy the first weekend of November with that blessed extra hour of sleep, doesn't that just sound so nice.

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