Friday, May 24, 2013

Home Sweet, Jaen?

That's right, I know where I'm headed. Actually, I just know where I'm living- know clue to what lies ahead, but I'm super excited that the ball is now on the ground and rolling.

 I received my placement and before I was even complete paying the fee started working on my TEFL certification. The school I will be teaching at is in Baeza, Jaen, but I will actually be living in Jaen, Jaen and commuting. The commute is about an hour by bus, which I know sounds awkward and frustrating, but since I'm not actually driving like I do know it's no biggie.

 Plus living in the capital city will allow me to become involved at the college, teach a larger group of private English lessons ( aka more money) and allows a chance to pick up more conversational Spanish since I'll be interacting in numerous situations daily. Yes, I've  thought it out just a bit. If all else fails I can always move closer later, I've heard Baeza is a beautiful place with it's own small town feel.

To be honest the entirety of Jaen is pretty much a small town and despite having wonderful sites to visit it's not a large tourist destination. Right now I'm in the process of joining Facebook groups, e-mailing people who worked and lived in the same area with the same occupation in years past.

With this new adventure the blog may change just a bit, while it's definitely still a place for me to share my life with my friends and family ( just don't think too many random folks are stopping by) my life will involve teaching, traveling, learning a new language and immersion into a completely new culture. No worries, I'll still have the same writing style and still try to insert as many cheesy photos from tumblr as possible, BUT I will be adding a new video feature for those of you who'd like to see my adventures more than read about them- what the consumer wants the consumer gets.

 Now, I'm off to work on moving for the summer and being a student again, TEFL classes I will own you.
Until next time . . . Adios, Hasta Pronto, Be Blessed.