About The Teacher

Who Am I? Join me as I work, pray, travel, and laugh my way to becoming the person I can be.

I love teaching, traveling, my family, reading and food.
 Reading and Writing are my therapy.
 Eating good food with those I love is how I socialize.
 I enjoy watching movies by myself, at the theatre with a mimosa.
 I love taking friends on sightseeing tours of my town.
 My faith is ever growing and pushing me forward towards the best.
 I'm horrible at goodbyes, if I can avoid them then I will.
But if I take the time to hug and kiss you goodbye then man do I l.o.v.e  you!
 I come from a big, large, talkative, overeating, constantly gathering family of folks.
My future husband will sing my children to sleep and I will wake them with stories of lands unknown.
I'm writing the story I would love for my future daughter to read, love and learn from someday.
If you know me and need anything, ask and you shall receive.

Be good to me, I'll always be good to you.