Friday, April 26, 2013

The Waiting Game

I know it's just cruel for me not to be screaming from the rooftops of exactly where I'll be next year, but truth be told I have no clue myself. 
Not a clue. I do not know where I'm living, who my roommates will be or what day I truly leave to begin my new adventure. I do know the first day I teach is October 1st. If you think the anticipation is killing you, it's down right debilitating to me. And a bit nerve wrecking. Let me start from the beginning, so when we finally do know where I'm living we can all breath a sigh of relief together.
Back in January I started looking for jobs, to say I was unhappy in my current situation is an understatement. I reminded myself daily that I was blessed to have a job and that there were lessons to be learned so I better start paying attention and stop whining. I found a few jobs in the area close to my family and in a city that I love everything about except their sports teams ( Cowboys, even during the rough times), BUT that travel burn just kept itching. So I did some research and started working on my application to teach in America Somoa through World Teach. Then I received the e-mail, all positions filled, would I be willing to work in China. No, no I would not. Fast forward a pity party to a co-worker and boom I'm introduced to CIEE. Every friend I have that has studied or worked abroad coordinated through CIEE and they enjoyed their experiences. So I sent in my application, fast forward again ( I promise it's just the commercial breaks) and the day after I turned in my application I was approved. As of next week I will have been waiting for a month to hear the good news.
Part of me is bubbling over with the desire to know and the other part knows I need to be patient and save  (there's a well worth it fee attached to their services, but I wouldn't have it any other way) as much as possible. Here's a peep in to my mind when it actually has a chance to wonder . . .
 YAY! . . . oh my goodness . . . so much to do . . . this is not cheap . . . I need to know now, have they posted today . . .  Gosh I hope they tell me in the ten day time frame to my pay day . . . please have  a position for me Espana . . . My boss just requested my papers of resignation . . . I cannot wait to learn Spanish . . . I cannot wait to meet my new students . . . lesson plans for a different language . . . AND THE CYCLE GOES ON! It's ridiculous!
On the other hand it's great though, I'm such a control freak, but about 10 times a day I tell my self, "faith of a mustard seed" and keep it moving. Even when my mother tells me a horror story about a guy going through another program to a different country arriving for six weeks and being sent back- I keep my faith and pray. Or when I read how some of the people who don't go through programs don't get paid, I pray and move on. Or when that voice in the back of my head reminds me of the fail that was Somoa, I keep steadfast in my faith. I cannot imagine a better time or situation to just stand on faith and the knowledge that God has a plan.
Hopefully, the next time I post I'm telling you all the fun facts about my new home AND that thought doesn't make me nervous because at the rate I post it really is possible it'll be a month from now and I'll know all I need to know to move forward. Until then keep on keepin' on.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Clock is Ticking Down

I may have mentioned I am moving towards, a new teaching position, just maybe. Well I am! Any I could not be more excited!! Honestly, I didn't realize just how unhappy I have been since graduating college until this new prospect became available. Where, your ask? No worries in due time.
 Until then, I'm going to keep teaching my little ducks, keep working towards my healthy goals and pack. Seriously, I always wait until the last minute to start packing because deep down I'm happy with the current situation and hesitant about the new, BUT I'm not moving for over a month and last week I already moved half my closet back into my parents place ( Clue #1).
 So again my goals, which I'll keep you posted on until the final reveal:
1.) Keep teaching and learning!
Since testing is over, I can teach what I want and love (shhh, but I already did anyways) without getting in trouble. This means bringing in all the historical background, focusing on characters with in depth lessons and assigning projects that result in massive presentations.


2.)Knock off some pounds!
 I was able to keep off 2lbs. for over 2 months with just a bit of focus then in one family weekend I managed to gain 3lbs. That is a pound for every day I was visiting! So I'm back to my 1200 calories a day- no worries, I drink an energy, protein smoothie in the morning that has tons of nutrients and kick. And even though I canceled my gym membership I've starting using my school's weight room to get back at my fighting weight. I used this past week to jump start and plan to buckle down this week. So excited to reach my goals.
3.)Start moving!
 Yes, I have to move back in with my parents. No, not one person is excited about this adventure. But man am I thankful. I need to save money in the thousands category  (Clue#2) while at the same time spending money for my TEFL Course (Clue#3) and my Spanish lessons (Clue#4). Plus it'll be nice to spend copious amounts of time together before I move on to my next teaching adventure!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Forever, Ever . . . Forever, Ever . . .

Is what it seems when I'm gone, BUT I'm back! Back on a brand new computer, doing brand new things and still some old.
Officially I am finish coaching, no more seasons, no more early morning practices, no more late night games and no weekends dedicated to tournaments. Oh the freedom. Let it ring!
Track only ended last week and we immediately jumped into testing season. One of the many reasons I love being English is because we complete all of our test before everyone else and then we can finally get down and have some learning fun. So excited. Can not put into words my excitement.
As far as goals I have not met any yet, but I'm starting to really focus on them now.
 When a person gets to work at 6:15a and doesn't leave until around 7p a person tends to become tired and overworked. That person is probably not in the mood to clean or complete chores or workout or eat anything not prepared by someone else and served in a to go box. Now that I'm free though, oh man. The deep cleaning has begun and I'm so excited to mark out time to start working out. I believe I'm going to try mornings, because it seems that once I'm at school there is no such thing as leaving in a timely manner. How do the others do it?
This week is cleaning, next week is eating and exercise. By the time school ends I should be rightly prepared for summer. Speaking of school ending, I'm applying for jobs ( with my Principal's grace- always have grace) and am excited to announce just where I'm headed. Give me a few weeks and get ready to scream with glee. Hope all is well for y'all, don't let testing get you down AND if it does eat some gelato, drink some wine, and spend a few hours on Pinterest.