Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Forever, Ever . . . Forever, Ever . . .

Is what it seems when I'm gone, BUT I'm back! Back on a brand new computer, doing brand new things and still some old.
Officially I am finish coaching, no more seasons, no more early morning practices, no more late night games and no weekends dedicated to tournaments. Oh the freedom. Let it ring!
Track only ended last week and we immediately jumped into testing season. One of the many reasons I love being English is because we complete all of our test before everyone else and then we can finally get down and have some learning fun. So excited. Can not put into words my excitement.
As far as goals I have not met any yet, but I'm starting to really focus on them now.
 When a person gets to work at 6:15a and doesn't leave until around 7p a person tends to become tired and overworked. That person is probably not in the mood to clean or complete chores or workout or eat anything not prepared by someone else and served in a to go box. Now that I'm free though, oh man. The deep cleaning has begun and I'm so excited to mark out time to start working out. I believe I'm going to try mornings, because it seems that once I'm at school there is no such thing as leaving in a timely manner. How do the others do it?
This week is cleaning, next week is eating and exercise. By the time school ends I should be rightly prepared for summer. Speaking of school ending, I'm applying for jobs ( with my Principal's grace- always have grace) and am excited to announce just where I'm headed. Give me a few weeks and get ready to scream with glee. Hope all is well for y'all, don't let testing get you down AND if it does eat some gelato, drink some wine, and spend a few hours on Pinterest.

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