Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You're just saying that . . .

Look at the time. I jumped out of bed at 5:15a this morning like the bed was on fire and pounced on my couch at 5:15p this afternoon. Then I woke up at exactly the time I'm suppose to start preparing for bed. Just sad.

Not like this is the first thing I've failed at, but man it just seems like I can't win. Tomorrow I'm just not sitting down. I just keep telling myself, I'm in my 20's, this is the time period for goals crashing and burning. Speaking of my 20's I've noticed here lately comments people make towards me that fit no other previous time period in my life and hopefully none to come after.

 Just to provide a little laugh I thought I'd immortalize a few here for all to read. Enjoy!

" You only have cheese, wine and that nasty tea in your fridge. I'm not even counting these veggie patties."
- My father every time he visits. 

" Isn't that the guy you dated for a second? What did you do to mess that up."
- Friend on a recent trip

" Leave it up to you to know all the places to eat, but only one grocery store location in town."
- My mother.

" You just learn some table manners and fix your sinus issue. No one wants to listen to all that sniffling on a date."
- My mother. 

" Are you girls married?"
- A friends grandmother at our first meeting.

" I have someone who is perfect for you. I'll introduce you guys."
- Everyone I work with, at every job I have had in my 20's. 

And then just to end on a very good note, one of the best conversations I have ever had in my 20's:

Me: " I bought a bookcase to keep all my shoes on. Does that seem ridiculous?"
Friend: " Oh no, I do the same. I just don't like the idea of my shoes collecting dust on the closet floor."

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