Saturday, January 5, 2013

What the Kids Say: Not Playing Favorites, But . . .

I love all of my students, each and everyone, but truth be told there are only a few I would love to sit down for coffee with in twenty years from now and catch-up. Then there are the ones who I honest to goodness look forward to everyday, they may not be the best, but in their own way they make my day. 

One of these students reminds me of the character Dash from the movie The Incredibles, he's quick-witted and honest as a 90 year old southern woman. Most of the time he's saying what I'm thinking. Please know I do correct him when his comments get out of line, and he always responds with, "I'm sorry Miss, I'm just sayin', not being mean."

Me: "Why are you in ISS"
Dash: "She wouldn't let me go to the bathroom, so I just left."
Me: "What! I don't let you go to the bathroom, you better not walk out of my class."
Dash: " Never, you're crazy!"

Female Student: "What is a verb again?"
Dash: " No, you just want attention and I'm trying to learn. Shut your mouth!"

Dash: " Miss I need help on this?"
Me: " What is your question?"
Dash: " I can do it."
Me : "Are you sure you don't need me help?"
* I walk away*
Dash: " Miss, quick question?"
Me: " Yes?"
Dash: "Nevermind."
* I walk away*
Dash: " Actually, can you show-
Me: " I need you to make up your mind"
Dash: " Honestly, I just wanted to see you walk."

Walking around the classroom showing off his poem about killing a deer on a hunting trip:
Female Student: " Can I see?"
Dash: "Nope."
Female Student: "What's it about?"
Dash: " You."

A random supplies and dress code check before students enter my classroom:
Dash: " I tucked in my shirt, I have a pencil, I have my AR book AND my red book. Woman  you gone let me into this classroom!"

As group leader picking other students to be in the group:
Me: " You have all boys, you need a girl to motivate you guys."
Dash: " Can't they all love me so much, I don't want to cause a catfight."

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  1. This kid sounds hilarious! And I can see some of mine turning into him. :)