Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Happiness Project: Getting Started

Yep, I'm joining a fan club not related to the Spurs or Cowboys. I cannot help myself, this was suggested in my all educators book club where not a single person even read the first book suggested. Being as I'm not a resolutions person (seriously I know what needs to be fixed no need to wait until January 1st) and I consider myself pretty happy overall, I was a bit skeptical. Then I started scanning the book and the phrase about changing for the better jumped out and persuaded me to "just do it". 
One of the best things I like about the book is the fact that she approaches from an experimental and well thought out process. There is no vagueness or spontaneity involved. Goals, direct goals, are set and ways to reach those goals are determined  The author read, discussed, read some more and researched science in order to develop a 12-step program that would work for her AND others. 
So without further ado, my Getting Started in the Happiness Project. Which will quickly be followed by my January Goal . . . 
Getting started involves deciding my 12 commandments or the principles on which my goals are decided. 
1.) Be Me.
2.) Be Honest.
3.) Be a risk taker.
4.) Be the one asking questions.
5.) Be loving towards others.
6.) Be grateful.
7.) Be a traveler.
8.) Be helpful.
9.) Be a person who laughs often.
10.) Be able to allow weakness in yourself and others.
11.) Be a leader.
12.) Be faithful.

The second part of Getting Started involves a list of Secrets of Adulthood. Being as I've already gone into great detail about the Five Things I've learned in the past 25 years of Life AND the fact that I'm only 24 with no relationship longer than 3 months and definitely no children, my list will be shorter. 

1.) If you cannot afford it, then don't buy it.
2.) Sleep well before getting in the car to drive anywhere further than 45 minutes away.
3.) Alkzelers Plus will put you to sleep quicker than Nyquil.
4.) Don't lie, it's too hard to keep your story straight.
5.) Don't text call.
6.) Your parents do not spend the majority of their extra time talking about you.
7.) In your 20s if you leave your parents house at the end of a visit with items you didn't arrive with it is not stealing.
8.) Learn to shop with people who shop like you.
9.) Sit down dinners with old friends are the bees knees.
10.) No diet last.
11.) Make friends with the person behind the counter.
12.) Just pray.
13.) Call home as often as possible, they need the reassurance that you're still alive as much as you need the reassurance that someone does care.

Now on to my January Goals, feel free to check out the website, The Happiness Project and get started yourself!
The Happiness Project

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