Monday, January 21, 2013

Energizing: 1st Try, Bust

Like all things meant well   , I tried. Day 4 of trying was my downfall though.
I planned to start simple: Make sure I go to sleep in my bed AND no matter what workout for 30 minutes.
Then I crashed watching New Girl on the couch at 9:30p with no workout accomplished or cleaning for that matter.
So now I have a stronger plan. Not just some miniature goals, but a set in stone plan.
Starting at 8p ( probably more like 10p on game nights) I will begin my before bed routine. No matter what I have planned, my goal is to be home at a time that allows me to be in bed by 10:30p.

1.) 30 bod sculpting workout (even if I went to the gym earlier).
2.) Pack Clothes and lunch for the next day.
3.) Complete skin care regime
4.) Shower
5.) In bed reading.

Lights out  at 10p.

I realize this is pretty strict and it may be hard to stick, but I have to do this at least two weeks. My body needs the routine in order to wake up early, have energy and stick to the 30 Day Workout Plan.

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