Monday, February 27, 2012

How Do WE Do IT

There is a deep dark secret that no one ever tells you about teaching, but if you pay close attention really isn't that much of a secret . . .

Great relationships with your co-workers make all the difference!

oh the laughs these guys shared off camera, jealous.
Seriously though, some days the only way I get through the day is due to the amazing personalities and work ethic of some of my co-workers. Whether it's because I know I'm not alone, I know that I can depend on them or the fact that I'm plan ol' competitive and refuse to just role over and give up when everyone else is pushing on. 
I love the fact that I've developed relationships with some of my fellow teachers that reach outside the four walls we work in daily, I believe it's those relationships that really help me through the tough days. I truly appreciate all that they do and know that I would not grow everyday as a teacher if it were not for their wisdom.

Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Been THAT Kind of Week . . .

On Sunday me and two other female friends moved the majority of my apartment that I shared with a squirrel and faulty dishwasher into a well lit, much cheaper dwelling that posses its own washer and dryer (be jealous New Yorkers). Unfortunately we didn't move everything, which has made for a very busy week.

So today I usher in a blog trend for those weeks that just fly by, "A Picture a Day"! Instead of a big long blog you only have to read a quick little photo summing up all that I would say for each day- you know in today's instant gratification world you're secretly excited . . .

We all feel this way, You are not alone.

Great Advice from a great man.
I think the same thing every, single day.

Love the color combination, JCrew was made for teachers, just not priced.
I L.O.V.E. this movie and so do you.
Have a wonderful weekend, veg on the couch, hang with friends, dance the night away and laugh with those you love!

Friday, February 17, 2012

That Text Just Made Me SMILE!

I have a bad habit of physically reacting to e-mails and text that I receive. It could be because I can't vocally explain to someone my emotions, but I can at least let my phone know. Which is why when I received this message ( during class, whoops) I completely grinned ear to ear . . .

And since grinning just wasn't enough, I let my friend know just how much in agreement I was with her statement.
Oh and little side fact, a "floater" is when you ask the bartender to top off your drink with an extra much needed shot.

A good looking group who knows all about floaters.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Looking Good Sir

But what about the guys? Should male teachers just lean on the basics, stick to the same everyday wardrobe? And you know male coaches only ever wear sweats.

Sadly all those cliches and so many more are typical of male teachers, but no longer gentleman . . .

Please, teach me.
This outfit is so simple, so basic, but man do these colors just take everything to a whole other level. I completely understand why male teachers have a repetitive wardrobe and I would never tell them to throw it away and start anew, but I would suggest mixing it up a little.

A different belt, a shirt that actually looks good with your skin color, oh and pants that fit just right. It's the little things that count, the little things. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What the Kids Say?

" Ooo, Miss, I like all those colors you have on! I didn't know blue, yellow, brown, green and gray all went together, hmmm."
I don't know if Mrs. Rivers would agree.
A student said this to me way before I ever became a teacher and was just a lowly student teacher looking to grasp some crumbs of wisdom. And did I ever. The student that said this is one that will stay with for some time, in my heart and in the back of my mind. She was a sassy sophomore who had been through things I've only heard talked of in very serious meetings. She ran away, during the middle of the semester and from there her story only became know as tragic.

 However, I refuse to remember her that way, when I think of her I only think of how she always made me laugh with her sassy comments and not being able to help her self when it came to offering an opinion on whatever I wore to school that day. Honestly, she is one of the reasons I will continue to teach, knowing that someone who has so much pain in their lives can still surround themselves with laughter is an amazing lesson that should never be forgotten.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Show a Little Love

 It's Valentine's Day!
Isn't this lovely.
 Parents how often do you show your children that you love them, tell them that you love them, hug them with the words I love you hanging in the air or tuck them into bed with a kiss on the forehead and soft "I love you"?
I love hearing my parents tell me they love me, I love how they hug me a little tighter when they're sending me on the road again and I love how without a doubt I know there are two human beings out in the world who really do love me for me ( yep, they're kinda spectacular parents).
Often though I meet students who have no connection with their parents, who only view their parents as either a cash register or someone they see often, but not someone whose love they can always count on me. When parents ask me for advice I always want to ask, "When is the last time you said I love you" or " How often do you tell them you love them"?
So go home tonight, and instead of showering them with gifts tell them all about the many ways you love that they are your child, mostly importantly please just tell them you love them.
Awww, no denying he loves his girls.

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Crime Has Been Committed

The ultimate crime in teaching has been committed.

As a rule of thumb I will never mention the school districts I work for, past or present. Nor will I mention my co-workers by name. Mainly to protect the innocent, sometimes the guilty.

Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming:
A fellow teacher discussed her personal opinion of another teachers classroom management <---- THAT is a big NO in teaching.

Now I understand complaining about your co-workers to other co-workers, teachers are just as cliquey as any other business, but NEVER, EVER do you ever talk to students about another teacher in a negative way. As a rule of thumb when students attempt ( please note they never succeed) in discussing another teacher in my class I always tell them to stop. It's gotten to the point were kids don't even mention other teachers to me anymore.

Not only is there something highly inappropriate about the situation, but the teacher is also being undermined by someone the kids believe to be on her team and if her teammate doesn't think she's performing well then why should the kids. It just makes for a messy situation that no one cares to be involved in or witness for that matter. Not to mention that little piece of wisdom your mother use to tell you:

This is actually to support violence against women, find a walk in your area and join!

What advice would you give someone in this situation? Do you think this is unprofessional? What broken rules have you witnessed at your job?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh yes, another Friday.

I'm thinking my, "first year teaching, everything sparkels"  mindframe has come to an end.

Obviously though I have many more weeks of school left, sooo I have to figure something out. Right now it seems like I'm living from weekend to weekend. I keep telling myself it's because I hate my apartment ( there is a squirrel living in the wall who keeps a very different schedule from me) and that once I get in my new place were the air conditioner works a little heat will creep in and warm my spirit.

I hope that the apartment really is just the issue because the more and more I figure out my summer plans,the more and more I imagine myself in shorts, with the sun and a good book keeping me company . . . with four months left and very few holidays during those months daydreaming can be a dangerous thing.

Any suggestions for a pick me up? What do you do to brighten your winter slump?

Walk the Walk

Just a quick question, which shoe do you find more appropriate or more importantly acceptable for a professional:

Jeffery Campbell: The Lita

Walmart: The House Shoe
Another teacher mention that the first beautiful pair of shoes were not maybe appropriate for a teacher, more club shoes. I don't know about you, but there's not a club alive that I would risk ruining those amazing shoes in, but also most clubs these day have dress codes that many business could take note from.

The bottom shoes is a shoe frequently worn by another female teacher and no one has ever ( as far as I know) mentioned anything to her despite the fact that when I think of unprofessional dress I definitely place house shoes at the top of the list.

Which shoe do you think is more teacher appropriate? Maybe neither? Maybe to each their own?

What The Kids Say . . .

" Coach, I heard my ankle pop during at the beginning of the last minute of wall jumps."
" Well if you were able to continue to jump for the rest of the minute and then walk over her to tell me you heard the pop, I don't think you're hurt. Not all pops are bad, sometimes it really is air."
" I know, I know, I've broken my ankle before, so I knew it wasn't hurt or anything."

There is no denying the pain of this.
This is an everyday occurrence during athletics. It's usually the same people, but occasionally you get the newbie who has yet to master how to play the system. Unfortunately for them the system has actually started taking athletic grades ( no seriously, you can now fail athletics) and a couple of people have had to learn the difference between "injured" and "hurt".

As coaches we know all the tricks- stop to tie your shoe, oh no you caught a cramp, stomache starts hurting and my favorite from girls: "I'm cramping super bad, like you don't understand the pain."

How many times have you faked an injury? How many of you athletes out there know the usual tricks to get out of a workout? What's the best "getting out of a workout" excuse you've ever witnessed.

Do Not Embarress the Family Name.

Did your parents tell you this growing up? Do you tell your kids this?

Other advice parents tend to differ on.
My parents are constantly telling my siblings and myself this advice, every first day of school, every time when spent the night at friends house, when I left for college, on my first day as a teacher and I'm sure my dad will whisper this in my ear on my wedding day. 
Another teacher mentioned this concept to her class and was met by utter silence, the students had no idea what she meant. I did the same thing in my class and a common response was, " why not, my parents always embarress me!" I explained that it wasn't the same thing and still could not figure why it was so important or even made a difference. There were a couple who understood, but even then peer pressure is a mother and the pack usually leads.

She represented her Family Honor very well.
As a teacher I cannot help, but imagine what it would be like if every parent told there child this before they left for school and meant what they were saying. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How Many Times Do You Push Snooze?

I'm tired. I'm always yawning. I fell like an old woman. I. Just. Want. To. Sleep.

I'd be even happier if I was this cute while sleeping.
I had a friend who is also a first year teacher go to the doctor because she was afraid something was wrong with her and that's why she's been so tired lately and the doctor laughed. Apparently, she's not the first new teacher to worry ofver the amount of exhaustion that has occurred since the beginning of the school year. He said get plenty of rest, try for eight hours every night and eat healthy. 

Every teacher I spoke to pretty much said that you could hope that those things would make a difference, but pretty much it wasn't happening, give it up and don't sit down for too long at home until you've achieved all your chores.

Now this is just sad.
I'll keep you updated for how it goes, I'm starting to workout again this week so I should get at least a little energy back into my life . . . until then, I'm just going to cancel my own doctors appointment and spend that money on shoes- they always perk me up.

Oh the Horror!

Why the horror you ask, because today there were no kids at school today and yet I honestly thought at one point, " I'd take a couple of kids over this right about now".

This was my exact reaction directly after thinking the above thought.
Today every single teacher crunched test data for every single one of their students. Honestly,  I absorbed large amounts of information in a the smallest amount of time and the whole time all I could think was  . . .

You know what that's not really appropriate, but I will say it was all made right when my basketball girls won their first game ( yeah it's a been a rough season).

This is about how they felt, and acted.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, filled with great surprises and hard earned wins!

. . . But Don't Get Crazy

As much as I love making sure that my fellow teachers, students and occasionally parents know that I am not willing to sacrifice fashion for anyone ( that includes you newly suspended Netflix) I am also willing to admit when certain fashions don't belong in the classroom
. . . the backwards button up sweater. Yeah, talk about distracting to the lesson!

Now talk about a distraction . .
Next time I'll just wear this t-shirt of a odd looking man wearing a sweater . . . oh the conversation and questions are unimaginable. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What the Kids Say

This is possibly one of my favorites:

Male Student: " I absolutely cannot WAIT for you to get a boyfriend! Everything will get so much more exciting! And you'll be so happy!"
Me: " I have no clue how to respond, ever to this."
Male Student: " Then you'll have a baby and I can be the uncle, like a god-uncle or something."

This is the perfect representation of how my students imagine my future family.

This is an on going obsession with my students, my love life or lack there of. Honest to goodness about once a month someone will ask me if I have a boyfriend yet and I've even had students give me dating advice.

The above conversation was involved the student yelling the first comment in the middle of the hall after lunch, so I spent the rest of the day explaining the I indeed was not pregnant and said student was not going to be the uncle of my child, in the delivery room or the person I would be naming my child after.

No matter what though this always gives me a laugh, and I've decided that even when I get engaged ( many years and students laughing at my love life down the road) I'm still going to be getting a laugh at my students opinion of my personal life.