Monday, February 13, 2012

A Crime Has Been Committed

The ultimate crime in teaching has been committed.

As a rule of thumb I will never mention the school districts I work for, past or present. Nor will I mention my co-workers by name. Mainly to protect the innocent, sometimes the guilty.

Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming:
A fellow teacher discussed her personal opinion of another teachers classroom management <---- THAT is a big NO in teaching.

Now I understand complaining about your co-workers to other co-workers, teachers are just as cliquey as any other business, but NEVER, EVER do you ever talk to students about another teacher in a negative way. As a rule of thumb when students attempt ( please note they never succeed) in discussing another teacher in my class I always tell them to stop. It's gotten to the point were kids don't even mention other teachers to me anymore.

Not only is there something highly inappropriate about the situation, but the teacher is also being undermined by someone the kids believe to be on her team and if her teammate doesn't think she's performing well then why should the kids. It just makes for a messy situation that no one cares to be involved in or witness for that matter. Not to mention that little piece of wisdom your mother use to tell you:

This is actually to support violence against women, find a walk in your area and join!

What advice would you give someone in this situation? Do you think this is unprofessional? What broken rules have you witnessed at your job?


  1. I am going to learn so much from you, Dev. Keep posting your wisdom :)

    1. Michelle, my first comment- if it is my only ever, I will be just fine!