Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How Many Times Do You Push Snooze?

I'm tired. I'm always yawning. I fell like an old woman. I. Just. Want. To. Sleep.

I'd be even happier if I was this cute while sleeping.
I had a friend who is also a first year teacher go to the doctor because she was afraid something was wrong with her and that's why she's been so tired lately and the doctor laughed. Apparently, she's not the first new teacher to worry ofver the amount of exhaustion that has occurred since the beginning of the school year. He said get plenty of rest, try for eight hours every night and eat healthy. 

Every teacher I spoke to pretty much said that you could hope that those things would make a difference, but pretty much it wasn't happening, give it up and don't sit down for too long at home until you've achieved all your chores.

Now this is just sad.
I'll keep you updated for how it goes, I'm starting to workout again this week so I should get at least a little energy back into my life . . . until then, I'm just going to cancel my own doctors appointment and spend that money on shoes- they always perk me up.

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