Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh yes, another Friday.

I'm thinking my, "first year teaching, everything sparkels"  mindframe has come to an end.

Obviously though I have many more weeks of school left, sooo I have to figure something out. Right now it seems like I'm living from weekend to weekend. I keep telling myself it's because I hate my apartment ( there is a squirrel living in the wall who keeps a very different schedule from me) and that once I get in my new place were the air conditioner works a little heat will creep in and warm my spirit.

I hope that the apartment really is just the issue because the more and more I figure out my summer plans,the more and more I imagine myself in shorts, with the sun and a good book keeping me company . . . with four months left and very few holidays during those months daydreaming can be a dangerous thing.

Any suggestions for a pick me up? What do you do to brighten your winter slump?

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