Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What the Kids Say

This is possibly one of my favorites:

Male Student: " I absolutely cannot WAIT for you to get a boyfriend! Everything will get so much more exciting! And you'll be so happy!"
Me: " I have no clue how to respond, ever to this."
Male Student: " Then you'll have a baby and I can be the uncle, like a god-uncle or something."

This is the perfect representation of how my students imagine my future family.

This is an on going obsession with my students, my love life or lack there of. Honest to goodness about once a month someone will ask me if I have a boyfriend yet and I've even had students give me dating advice.

The above conversation was involved the student yelling the first comment in the middle of the hall after lunch, so I spent the rest of the day explaining the I indeed was not pregnant and said student was not going to be the uncle of my child, in the delivery room or the person I would be naming my child after.

No matter what though this always gives me a laugh, and I've decided that even when I get engaged ( many years and students laughing at my love life down the road) I'm still going to be getting a laugh at my students opinion of my personal life.

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