Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Now When is This Due?

It's happen in every family across the country, I did this as a child, my little sister has done this and I've awkwardly enough witnessed numerous of my friends do this to their parents ( never a good moment). The supposed responsible student waits to the last minute to start working on a homework assignment that was assigned weeks before.

Holly Homemaker, she lives for last minute projects
 My most infamous last minute project would belong to 8th grade IPC, "Rat Trap Race Car" and man did I get what I deserved in the end. I waited until two nights before to work even start buying the materials for a project that had been assigned for a month. Yes granted the teacher didn't give out the rubric until a week before it was due, I could have at least bought the actual rat trap went it was assigned.

After suffering a major melt down, my parents finally intervened, but only after a speech on responsibility and two weeks worth of grounding, not to mention the guilt I felt for being such an inconvenience when my parents intervention turned out to be having one of their colleagues ( oh yeah, by the way, my parents are educators too) aid me in completing my car.
I wish, don't even know where to start on this car.
Remember when I said I got mine in the end, welp I did. Yep, just as it was my turn for my car to impress everyone in class and more importantly my teacher, the wheels fell off the car. Since, I wasn't the mastermind behind the whole design I was no good as pit crew and just had to learn a lesson the hard way.

This was my grade, but the circle completely joined because my teacher was OCD.
So parents, how do you stay on top of your students assignments? Have any of you ever had procrastination go so wrong? What advice do you have for teachers and parents to work together in these situations?

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