Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'll Pencil You In

It's Friday again, oh how I've needed this Friday. For some reason this has been the longest week of my six month teaching career and that includes the week before Thanksgiving.

How Ironic, since this is what I watched to pep me back up.
My first intent was to sit on the couch all weekend, like I did on all my weeknights, and watch movies, but my friends had other ideas. Thank goodness. I'm looking forward to a great dinner out with friends new and old, an art show that I've heard great buzz about, drinks at a new bar in town and finally brunch on Sunday with a wonderful neighbor.

Yes, thank goodness for friends because with friends come plenty of laughter and great memories. 

What are your plans for the weekend? What do you usually do to get over the weekday blues?

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