Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pavlov's Theory

Mine is the "Ding" of my e-mail , what exactly is yours?

One of Pavlov's dogs, preserved at The Pavlov Museum, Ryazan, Russia  . . . yes, a bit creepy.
 Seriously I receive so many e-mails throughout the day, that if I leave the volume on during class my kids can't concentrate due to the constant interruptions of urgent e-mails being sent to their adoring teacher.
At first I would save every e-mail until my planning period, but then I would spend that time only answering e-mails and slowly fall behind in my lesson planning and grading for the week. Then I would just wait until the end of the day, but that did not go over so well when e-mails really were urgent. Last, I tried answering in the morning before school, let's just say there are better was to start out your day.

Finally after the fourth ding in the first 10 minutes of the class period one of my genius students asked if people were aware that I was teaching a class- "DING,DUH and OHMYGOODNESS"! From that day on I've turned off my volume and only answer e-mails when I have time because my job is to teach first and foremost anything else comes second. Simple as that . . . for now at least.

I am so jealous of this woman, which is not very zen of me.
 Study buddies, what is your work double edge sword? Have you ever received an on the job light bulb moment from an unlikely source?

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