Tuesday, January 17, 2012

These Days, How the Fly on By

  My intent was to start this blog around the first day of school. Then I said around my birthday. Then I said during Christmas Break. It is now three weeks after Christmas Break, two weeks since school started back, and five days after semester finals.
It was all a blur, all a nightmare dream, honestly I remember very little to write down.

This is the pretty version of my life flying by.
 I've spoken about this "fly by" first semester with others, others with many, many years of experience compared to my one, and apparently this was to be expected. Honestly, many are surprised that I've actually started functioning now, with summer so far off. But how could I not, I love telling a good story and heaven knows I have plenty- just you wait and read.

Unfortunately for now, the one thing I honestly remember, can quote word for word, that occurred from last semester is advice I received from my principal ( that would be the lady who plucked me out of a graduation gown and placed me in front of a classroom).

The Queen, of great advice.

She was sitting beside me at a basketball game, I coach a few sports and have to keep the clock when not coaching (they get the stipends worth), and out of nowhere she says really quietly, " At least one will break your heart every year, don't take it personal."

I blanked, froze and then the image of my heartbreak popped in my head. I told her the students name and she nodded not surprised at all. We sat in silence until she again reminded me not to take it personal and then left me to my own thoughts and horrible clock keeping skills.

That advice helped me plenty last semester, it will help me I'm sure many times during my teaching career.  Still haven't given up on the kid, have no intentions of, but I can sleep a little better at night knowing it's not personal.

It makes me think though, who told her that, does she take her own advice, is she this wise old sage that runs around distilling advice to wide-eyed teachers who have no clue.

My fellow study buddies, what advice have you been given that's gotten you through the day? Do you have someone you always go to for advice? What one piece of advice would you give to someone who will be in your shoes ten years from now?

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