Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Sweater and Long Skirt Wonder

Every day you wake up as a teacher you may not feel like looking as if you walked out of a magazine or right off the catwalk. Most days you wake up you probably actually question when will pajamas actually become acceptable on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Look she even added some silk sleeve, nice.
Until that happens though have no worries because there is a solution. You still get the comfort, the loose clothing feeling and compliments will flood in from all directions. What is this miracle outfit you ask, but of course the comfy sweater and maxi-skirt combination.

This one is a little more fancy , but still just as comfortable as the rest.

Please note that this lady has on boots, she did not even consider heels.

Great transition from winter to spring or even during early fall, love her sandals.
It's your choice lady, and the way in which you wear this combo goes far beyond the three hear, just remember no P.J.'s- ever!

My fashion forward study buddies what is your go to outfit on a blah day? Which one would you wear? Do you think these would be great to wear from work to play?

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