Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's The Weekend, Need to Have Some Fun!

It's Payday, Payday, Payday and in case you were not aware today is Payday!
I wish.
  Every teachers calendar has a certain day circled, maybe at the end of the month or at the beginning, and even if that day wasn't circled on the calendar every teacher still remembers the exact day and time (yes exact time) that they get paid.
Wait, you didn't know teachers get paid only once a month? That's just during the regular months, don't even ask about the squirrelled holiday season paychecks that have driven many teachers to invest in floor heaters and heating pads.
swear, this is how I feel every payday.
  I know teachers who on payday weekends go shopping and don't even look twice at the bill, I know teachers who save all month to buy that special something on payday, I also know that most teachers walk a little lighter on payday, smile a little brighter and fewer students are written up on paydays. In the world of teaching pay day is an unofficial holiday celebrated by every teacher in it's own special way.

Study Buddies, do you have any advice for budgeting? What about your spending bad habbits? What would be your dream shopping spree?

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