Thursday, January 26, 2012

What to Wear and What Definitely NOT to Wear

Mom Jeans. Cosby Sweaters. High water Pants. Nurse Shoes. Acid Wash Jeans. A vest full of hand prints.

These mama's are very proud of their jeans.
    I own none of these items. Okay maybe one Cosby Sweater, but that was for a themed party because I do have a social life. One of the first speeches they give you during student teaching is how important it is not to look like you stepped of the dance floor into your classroom, their is actually a whole training sections over the subject.

No Cameron, this is not how to dress for a school car wash.
   So in return everyone does the extreme and dresses like a soccer mom from the 80's and not to knock the 80's fashion era, but seriously that's just not fair to all the students who have to stare at you for at least 45 minutes a day. You have to find a good in between, an outfit that you feel comfortable in, that with a couple of tweaks you could wear to dinner later (without an apology or disclaimer to your future dinner guest) and that will not make you the talk of the teachers lounge until the end of the school year.
The modern librarian
  Start with your basics, remember that if there was ever a profession were no outfit is wasted on not being seen teaching is one, and not matter what dress from the closet that represents you . . . not your mentor teacher, not your mom, not fellow teachers and not the movie Working Girl.

  Also, remember there's nothing like a," I love your outfit today, you look great" confidence boost and at the end of a particularly harsh day in the classroom ( think spit wads and write-ups) this could be a nice pick me up.

My fellow study buddies, was transitioning from college to real world hard or easy for you? What advice to do have for transitioning your closet? Have you every encountered a teacher dressed wrong?

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