Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'll Love You Forever, I'll Love You Always

They grow up so fast!

I was just informed by one of my students moms that he has grown over 5 inches since the beginning of school, I didn't even notice. I have noticed other student growth spurts though and some definite personality changes . . . all for the better of course.

This is what it's like walking the halls for some.
 At the beginning of the year I remind myself that I only have these kids with me for just one school year so enjoy my time and love them while I have them, but man would I love to meet up with coffee with each one of my students ten years after they leave my classroom. Just catch up and see how much they've grown as people. Just to see were those personalities go and who they become.

My parents never did anything to keep track of our personality changes during the year, but I know plenty of parents who do and I think it would be really neat to look back years from now and see who your child was then compared to who your child is now.

Love this book.
I love how in this book the mom and son's relationship is tracked through the years followed by the sweetest little diddy ever. How many of you, study buddies, have read this book? Any suggestions on how to track your childs changes over the years? Have any of you ever seen your baby book, can you believe how tiny your feet use to be?

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