Monday, April 16, 2012

So So Very Close

I cannot believe that as of this week I only have one six weeks left in the school year, where did the time fly?!

Seriously though it was just yesterday I was juggling moving to a new city, collecting change to pay for my classroom needs/decorations- which meant I was only eating Ramen- and trying to attend every training under the sun. Then this morning as I was running down the stairs, because I still haven't mastered the art of being on time, I realized that Summer is upon me and oh the possibilities are endless. 

One thing I did decide is that I am going to give this blog more time, help it grow into a real conversation between me and others- not just teachers, and maybe a new nifty little layout. 
I have no clue where to begin, but I'm excited to see where the new and unknown take me, in the meantime I can't get ahead of myself if I want to survive these last couple of weeks before summer, so until then, back to the daily grind . . .

My Life Everyday!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What the Kids Say: I Know You Were Teaching, But . . .

The following are those moments when I'm teaching, the classes is discussing or I'm helping a student one-on-one and the ever so diligent pupil makes a statement that makes me pause, tilt my head to the side and wonder at what point is some guy in a bad suite going to jump out and say, " Smile, You're on Candid Camera!"
He's just happy to see her.

" Were slave girls given pads too, or like what did they use?"

" Are Kangaroos extinct or just endangered?"

" I'm on page 27, can we just flip the numbers around and say I read?"

" El Paso is in New Mexico, duh."

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Books Boys Borrow

That's Alliteration. Also known as, my favorite literary element to actually put into use. Love me some alliteration. Now on to the reason why I actually used the alliteration in the first place . . . books that young males actually enjoy.
How do I know these young males actually do enjoy these novels, because teachers truly do see and hear everything. I see them at the classroom bookshelf suggesting what a fellow dude should read or explaining the "pretty coolness" of one novel to the others. Honestly, they try to be slick about the whole exchange, but the excitement gets to them and they just can't hold it in, poor things. So here's the books that keep them coming back and are constantly being passed around:
This kid is them, he needs money, a girlfriend and his parents to get off his back about how he spends his free time. I'm always surprised to see a guy reading this because there is a definite love story here, but who am I to judge.

I've never read this, I want to though and every week I have a male student complain that it's not on my book shelf yet. Best description I've heard of this book," I want to be them, well maybe just look like the guys who play them on t.v.- girls like that. "

The conversations seem real, the thoughts seem real and the majority are because the book is based on the authors life. While my Hispanic males devour this book so do my other male students and it's nice to see all of them taking a deeper notice in a culture that surrounds their everyday life.

I love the underdog winning plot of this novel and so do the majority of my male students. Whether their sports fanatics, trying to adjust to a different environment themselves or the little guy just trying to survive they always remember this book.

Here's another one I've never read, but can without a doubt suggest for two reasons: 1.) Walter Dean Myers is a wonderful writer that knows how to tell a story that makes even teenage boys abandon their lives and revolve around a book. 2.) Every school I've ever stepped foot in not only has a copy of this in their library, but the copy is always battered, beaten and blindingly reminiscent of better days ( there's that alliteration again).

I'm sure their are many more books that boys can't keep their grubby little hands off, let me know and I'll definitely try to add them to my classroom bookshelf.

And We're Back

One of my favorite reasons to head home: babycuz hangout time!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. Mine was family filled, we celebrated my Great-Grandmother's 90th birthday!
It was so amazing looking back on her life and then looking around at all the lives she's influenced. I've always looked up to my Great-Grandmother and I've always found comfort in the love and fierce beliefs she surrounds her whole family with- seriously, she's amazing.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Treat for You

As a treat to make up for my long absences, because I know what an addiction I can be ( humility is not my best character quality) I figured I'd share this lovey blog . . . literally the blog is all about love. The blog Le Love is built through reader submissions and on the day I discovered this I thought how intriguing, reassuring, comforting and sometimes affirming- I must share this with others.

The website is chalked full of inspirational pictures, my heart flutters

Also, included are text and quotes that are so relate able you will go home in check your house for bugs 'cause you've definitely probably uttered a few.

Enjoy, lovely readers, hope it's a simple way to pass the time in a hectic day.

Young Adults Read Too, Thank Goodness

Yeah it's been awhile. What can I say, my house isn't clean and therefor I have no clue what to do with my life. Honest to goodness if I had a male counterpart living with me he would have promptly moved out last Friday- before the biggest damage even occurred.
BUT no worries , I have some great first round picks for Young Adult readers! And my favorite part is that every adult I know loves these novels just the same as any teenager, so jump in and read along.

This is the author of Beastly, and she's even better here. Flinn takes an assortment of Fairy Tales, mixes them with one big modern Tale adds a love triangle and BOOM!

In the same day I discussed this book with a fellow teacher, I also held a discussion with a Sixth Grader walking down the hall. This series is addicting to the point that every time I finish a book I feel like my best friend has gone on vacation ( the sixth grader agreed).

This is the first series by author Suzanne Collins , you know the lady who penned Hunger Games, and in my humble opinion the former is much better than the latter. Honestly, this character takes control of his destiny despite what the book jacket might lead you to believe. Plus the love and heartbreak surrounding this series lingered much longer than I expected.

All of my students, male and female have devoured this book. Honest too goodness it does not stay on my shelf longer than a day and my student are constantly discussing the book. I believe anyone who has ever had a crush can believe and fall in love with this book. Plus, I laughed out loud numerous times.

My male readers, especially my ones that hate reading in the first place have all read this book. I have three copies on my shelf that are all always checked out and will probably have to be replaced next year due to the fact that they are falling apart. Myers is an awesome author in the first place, but man something about this book hooks the young male mind frame and refuses to let go.

Have no fear this is only the beginning, next week I actually plan to split the the post into gender because even though about every boy in my class has read Shooter I've never seen a girl pick the book up. At the end of the day, some books are gender specific and they're still great books.

Feel free to let me know any suggestions you have, trust me I love finding out new books to read for myself, but also in one week alone I hear the question, " Miss what should I read" about 13 times- new suggestions are much needed.