Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Books Boys Borrow

That's Alliteration. Also known as, my favorite literary element to actually put into use. Love me some alliteration. Now on to the reason why I actually used the alliteration in the first place . . . books that young males actually enjoy.
How do I know these young males actually do enjoy these novels, because teachers truly do see and hear everything. I see them at the classroom bookshelf suggesting what a fellow dude should read or explaining the "pretty coolness" of one novel to the others. Honestly, they try to be slick about the whole exchange, but the excitement gets to them and they just can't hold it in, poor things. So here's the books that keep them coming back and are constantly being passed around:
This kid is them, he needs money, a girlfriend and his parents to get off his back about how he spends his free time. I'm always surprised to see a guy reading this because there is a definite love story here, but who am I to judge.

I've never read this, I want to though and every week I have a male student complain that it's not on my book shelf yet. Best description I've heard of this book," I want to be them, well maybe just look like the guys who play them on t.v.- girls like that. "

The conversations seem real, the thoughts seem real and the majority are because the book is based on the authors life. While my Hispanic males devour this book so do my other male students and it's nice to see all of them taking a deeper notice in a culture that surrounds their everyday life.

I love the underdog winning plot of this novel and so do the majority of my male students. Whether their sports fanatics, trying to adjust to a different environment themselves or the little guy just trying to survive they always remember this book.

Here's another one I've never read, but can without a doubt suggest for two reasons: 1.) Walter Dean Myers is a wonderful writer that knows how to tell a story that makes even teenage boys abandon their lives and revolve around a book. 2.) Every school I've ever stepped foot in not only has a copy of this in their library, but the copy is always battered, beaten and blindingly reminiscent of better days ( there's that alliteration again).

I'm sure their are many more books that boys can't keep their grubby little hands off, let me know and I'll definitely try to add them to my classroom bookshelf.

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