Monday, April 16, 2012

So So Very Close

I cannot believe that as of this week I only have one six weeks left in the school year, where did the time fly?!

Seriously though it was just yesterday I was juggling moving to a new city, collecting change to pay for my classroom needs/decorations- which meant I was only eating Ramen- and trying to attend every training under the sun. Then this morning as I was running down the stairs, because I still haven't mastered the art of being on time, I realized that Summer is upon me and oh the possibilities are endless. 

One thing I did decide is that I am going to give this blog more time, help it grow into a real conversation between me and others- not just teachers, and maybe a new nifty little layout. 
I have no clue where to begin, but I'm excited to see where the new and unknown take me, in the meantime I can't get ahead of myself if I want to survive these last couple of weeks before summer, so until then, back to the daily grind . . .

My Life Everyday!

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