Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

Honestly, I have been trying to post this blog for about a week, but for some summery reason I haven't been able too. Summer is a beautiful time of year, but as my first year of teaching has taught me for a teacher its even more special. Honestly, in this week alone I've accomplished more personally than I did all school year and man has the relaxation/sleeping in been great. But I have goals this summer, real goals . . . don't believe me, check them out:
 1.) Get my kitchen, bedroom and any other room in my house that's having issues in order.
 2.) Get back to my fighting weight, I'm 5'2 and the weight I'm at right now is just not healthy- plus my tailored closet .
3.) Write a novel! I'm so excited about this one, so very excited.
4.) Get out and meet people, I spent my first year here worried completely about my job and very little trying to venture out and meet people.
5.) Spend one day a week just living in Barnes and Nobles, because I love to read and their are hot guys there sometimes.
6.) Whip this blog right into shape. Get!Excited!
7.) Build up my savings account, seriously, living paycheck to paycheck is just not smart or responsibly; which is why I will be tutoring 3hrs a day Monday-Thursday making some pretty legit money.

Those are my goals, its plenty to keep me busy and I intend to document as much as possible here on this lovely blog. Little changes that will cause some ripple effects I'm sure, good ones is what I'm betting on!


  1. Ah summer.. Only a fellow teacher can understand. You turn into a completely different person during holidays! LIVE it up! You should visit Matt Chandler's church!

    1. I've started visiting Paradox here, where does Matt Chandler preach?