Sunday, February 12, 2012

Do Not Embarress the Family Name.

Did your parents tell you this growing up? Do you tell your kids this?

Other advice parents tend to differ on.
My parents are constantly telling my siblings and myself this advice, every first day of school, every time when spent the night at friends house, when I left for college, on my first day as a teacher and I'm sure my dad will whisper this in my ear on my wedding day. 
Another teacher mentioned this concept to her class and was met by utter silence, the students had no idea what she meant. I did the same thing in my class and a common response was, " why not, my parents always embarress me!" I explained that it wasn't the same thing and still could not figure why it was so important or even made a difference. There were a couple who understood, but even then peer pressure is a mother and the pack usually leads.

She represented her Family Honor very well.
As a teacher I cannot help, but imagine what it would be like if every parent told there child this before they left for school and meant what they were saying. 

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