Sunday, February 12, 2012

What The Kids Say . . .

" Coach, I heard my ankle pop during at the beginning of the last minute of wall jumps."
" Well if you were able to continue to jump for the rest of the minute and then walk over her to tell me you heard the pop, I don't think you're hurt. Not all pops are bad, sometimes it really is air."
" I know, I know, I've broken my ankle before, so I knew it wasn't hurt or anything."

There is no denying the pain of this.
This is an everyday occurrence during athletics. It's usually the same people, but occasionally you get the newbie who has yet to master how to play the system. Unfortunately for them the system has actually started taking athletic grades ( no seriously, you can now fail athletics) and a couple of people have had to learn the difference between "injured" and "hurt".

As coaches we know all the tricks- stop to tie your shoe, oh no you caught a cramp, stomache starts hurting and my favorite from girls: "I'm cramping super bad, like you don't understand the pain."

How many times have you faked an injury? How many of you athletes out there know the usual tricks to get out of a workout? What's the best "getting out of a workout" excuse you've ever witnessed.

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