Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What the Kids Say?

" Ooo, Miss, I like all those colors you have on! I didn't know blue, yellow, brown, green and gray all went together, hmmm."
I don't know if Mrs. Rivers would agree.
A student said this to me way before I ever became a teacher and was just a lowly student teacher looking to grasp some crumbs of wisdom. And did I ever. The student that said this is one that will stay with for some time, in my heart and in the back of my mind. She was a sassy sophomore who had been through things I've only heard talked of in very serious meetings. She ran away, during the middle of the semester and from there her story only became know as tragic.

 However, I refuse to remember her that way, when I think of her I only think of how she always made me laugh with her sassy comments and not being able to help her self when it came to offering an opinion on whatever I wore to school that day. Honestly, she is one of the reasons I will continue to teach, knowing that someone who has so much pain in their lives can still surround themselves with laughter is an amazing lesson that should never be forgotten.  

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