Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Been THAT Kind of Week . . .

On Sunday me and two other female friends moved the majority of my apartment that I shared with a squirrel and faulty dishwasher into a well lit, much cheaper dwelling that posses its own washer and dryer (be jealous New Yorkers). Unfortunately we didn't move everything, which has made for a very busy week.

So today I usher in a blog trend for those weeks that just fly by, "A Picture a Day"! Instead of a big long blog you only have to read a quick little photo summing up all that I would say for each day- you know in today's instant gratification world you're secretly excited . . .

We all feel this way, You are not alone.

Great Advice from a great man.
I think the same thing every, single day.

Love the color combination, JCrew was made for teachers, just not priced.
I L.O.V.E. this movie and so do you.
Have a wonderful weekend, veg on the couch, hang with friends, dance the night away and laugh with those you love!

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