Monday, January 7, 2013

Showed Up Physically, Not Mentally

First, understand I'm writing this post on my smart phone- remember when the best part of a cell was the snake game. If this post comes out like I want, I may be posting from the cellular more often. That means more direct post from my classroom!

 Yesterday I drank coffee and tea like it was water and sure enough when I finally dozed of it was in the four o'clock hour. So needless to see I was not all there. I could not even remember where I left my school keys before break. I wanted to panic, but my mind was on lesson plan mode and refused to  budge. After tearing up my house this afternoon I found them hanging on the coat rack, buried under purses. Obviously, I was in no mood to deal when I came home on the last day in December.
The entire day all I could think about is dinner tonight with a friend who got engaged over the holidays (how many people said that phrase today). We're were headed to a brewery for coffee AND beer, but like many of the locally owned places in town Monday's are a day of rest. With the boom of brunch I completely understand and find no fault in the decision. Instead we headed to one of my favorite places, even if it does hurt a little to pay the bill. Even if you don't like the food, as one friend confessed, the atmosphere and the kind yet knowledge staff make the place welcoming.

It's firestone pizza at it's best and they make everything at an open kitchen. The drinks are to die for and even though the ingredients are at the level of a true foodie (I always have to Google a topping) the waiter has no problem fully explaining.

Conversation was great, we're all educators so naturally we have to talk shop before moving on to the personal. Possibly one of my favorite "how he proposed" stories ever. Simple, basic, but so befitting of the couple. We spent the rest of the meal discussing everything wedding and I'm beyond excited for the two lovebirds. It was a wonderful way to spend the eve of my return to school.

The Cheese Salad, added Apple Smoked Bacon and bread. Damn good.
The place is Fireside Pies off of West 7th in the DFW area, check it out if you're ever in the neighborhood. You will not be disappointed.

Open bar, they make your meal behind this and of course your drink. 

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