Friday, April 26, 2013

The Waiting Game

I know it's just cruel for me not to be screaming from the rooftops of exactly where I'll be next year, but truth be told I have no clue myself. 
Not a clue. I do not know where I'm living, who my roommates will be or what day I truly leave to begin my new adventure. I do know the first day I teach is October 1st. If you think the anticipation is killing you, it's down right debilitating to me. And a bit nerve wrecking. Let me start from the beginning, so when we finally do know where I'm living we can all breath a sigh of relief together.
Back in January I started looking for jobs, to say I was unhappy in my current situation is an understatement. I reminded myself daily that I was blessed to have a job and that there were lessons to be learned so I better start paying attention and stop whining. I found a few jobs in the area close to my family and in a city that I love everything about except their sports teams ( Cowboys, even during the rough times), BUT that travel burn just kept itching. So I did some research and started working on my application to teach in America Somoa through World Teach. Then I received the e-mail, all positions filled, would I be willing to work in China. No, no I would not. Fast forward a pity party to a co-worker and boom I'm introduced to CIEE. Every friend I have that has studied or worked abroad coordinated through CIEE and they enjoyed their experiences. So I sent in my application, fast forward again ( I promise it's just the commercial breaks) and the day after I turned in my application I was approved. As of next week I will have been waiting for a month to hear the good news.
Part of me is bubbling over with the desire to know and the other part knows I need to be patient and save  (there's a well worth it fee attached to their services, but I wouldn't have it any other way) as much as possible. Here's a peep in to my mind when it actually has a chance to wonder . . .
 YAY! . . . oh my goodness . . . so much to do . . . this is not cheap . . . I need to know now, have they posted today . . .  Gosh I hope they tell me in the ten day time frame to my pay day . . . please have  a position for me Espana . . . My boss just requested my papers of resignation . . . I cannot wait to learn Spanish . . . I cannot wait to meet my new students . . . lesson plans for a different language . . . AND THE CYCLE GOES ON! It's ridiculous!
On the other hand it's great though, I'm such a control freak, but about 10 times a day I tell my self, "faith of a mustard seed" and keep it moving. Even when my mother tells me a horror story about a guy going through another program to a different country arriving for six weeks and being sent back- I keep my faith and pray. Or when I read how some of the people who don't go through programs don't get paid, I pray and move on. Or when that voice in the back of my head reminds me of the fail that was Somoa, I keep steadfast in my faith. I cannot imagine a better time or situation to just stand on faith and the knowledge that God has a plan.
Hopefully, the next time I post I'm telling you all the fun facts about my new home AND that thought doesn't make me nervous because at the rate I post it really is possible it'll be a month from now and I'll know all I need to know to move forward. Until then keep on keepin' on.

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  1. What's an adventure without uncertainty? Just a trip. Enjoy the adrenaline and thrill. And besides, you can always just find an international school that would love to hire you flat out and teach you a comparable rate. Never forget that. Have so much fun and document every minute (if you can). Bon voyage!