Monday, November 5, 2012

Hey Johnny, What are You Rebelling Against?

" Whadda you got?"
Love that guy, that hollywood era and the whole idea of the movie. How does this quote relate to my life you ask, welp follow me and you shall see the light.
I'm rebelling against realizing the fact that here lately I've looked at my relationship in education as a teeter-totter: I'm hanging out way high, flailing my arms around, screaming trying to hold on while others are just hanging out at the bottom, heavy as the moon is big. I refuse to stop achieving at the standards that I have set for myself, but as my mother so wisely put it, " don't burn bridges" and my father so bluntly explained, " you wanted to do this, when you don't anymore then just don't", so I've dropped to my knees and I wake up everyday ready to learn.
Now anyone who knows my knows that biting my tongue is not my best personality trait, but I am learning to think and control my tongue. I'm learning to focus my energy. Most important I'm learning to multitask and pick my battles.
 Large group meeting where others feel they have time to just converse? Grade papers. Basketball practice warm-up and cool down? Tutor students. Too many hoops to jump through for a project. Plan differently. Feeling like aggression towards situations is getting out of hand? Start drinking coffee again.

Seriously, I've become that person that's philosophy is, "sure you can complain, but you better have a solution". I'm making decisions and moving on, I figure I'd rather be trying and doing than one of those people walking around the halls with a big gulp, cell phone out, wearing jeans on a Tuesday and blatantly throwing my co-workers hard work back into their faces.Surprisingly enough though, the attitude has kind of caught on, I told everyone how I was going to start approaching situations and we're starting to problem solve as a team; which, has us planning some interesting things for the future.  

Don't mind the Brando, he's just here to spicy up the post.

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that Negative Nancies in your school aren't keeping you down! It's a shame that there are so many of these out (even in my ELELMENTARY school), but I LOVE the approach you are taking! :)