Monday, September 17, 2012

Am I Doin' Too Much?

Maybe because I was aware that at some point I would have to sit down and write this post. Or maybe because it's the second game day of the year and I'm still adjusting. Maybe because it's Weekly Progress report day and for some reason those always cause chaos. Maybe because it's a Monday and man am I not a fan of Monday's. Whatever it was, this day has given me a headache, bellyache ( I did eat a lot of Salted Caramel Gelato) and I'm bummed because I didn't get to start my workout routine. Whatever, there's always tomorrow.


My Moving Monday:

7:15a- Blast out the front door with all my bags bummed because I didn't get to go in early, but thankful because I live for game day's when practice is an hour later.
8:30a- I made it to school by 7:45a started 8a practice on time and made my oatmeal with milk today. It's the little things.
9:20a- The tardy bell for class rings and we're off. It's a presentation day which are bittersweet. I love them because the kids are doing all the work, but hate them because there is so much work I need to get done teaching them.
12:35p- Lunch! Everyone eats with one hand, over a computer screen, holding a conversation, and blocking out the noise of screaming kids, right? Drew up my rotation for the game later and thought about how much I need to workout.
12:58p- Back to the daily grind. This class had some of the most creative presentations. Blown away.
1:43p- Conference!!! I made seven parent phone calls, turned in some forms, and laminated my word wall all in 45 minutes since I spent the last 30 minutes watching a co-workers class.
2:01p- Class starts, this is my "oh my" bunch. They make me earn my sweet darlings from the morning classes, but they are also some of the funniest people I have ever met.
4:20p- Brief meeting with some grade level teachers. Then off to coaching duties.
9:00p- Home. Home. Home. And tired as a snail on dry concrete. At least it's junior high, on the high school level I wouldn't see home until around 11p.
10:30p- Finally sent out the announcements to parents about the parent meeting Friday. Should write up my Lesson Plan Outline since the one up is officially WRONG, but it's not like anyone other than my boss reads it anyways. No worries, I'll have the right one up just in time for class tomorrow.

I should head to bed now, I want to, but seriously my head is killing me and I have to clean something. Bump that, I'll do some lunges and crunches before bed and call it quits. There's always tomorrow AND I did get all but one thing accomplished on my to do list, so the list has some vacancies.
Please, tell me about your day- from beginning to end, I want to hear all about it, including the part where a student threw up on you. True story,  a student threw up on one of my friends today . . .so  I guess my day  could have been worse.

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