Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ha, Gotcha Ya!

So if you thought that I was actually going to write down my daily schedule for everyday of the week - in detail, you have more faith in myself than I do and I thank you for that. Maybe one day I'll be on that level.

My days are busy, I know that and I know that school plays a huge role in my life because it can, I have no family in my town, no boyfriend, no pets, not even a plant. So school being the center of my world right now is not a horrible thing, it's when people who know nothing about what I do belittle and snipe at my career choice and profession that everyone starts simplifing my schedule and turning it into something it is not.
 With that said I did say I would tell you about it, so I'll throw out some highlights.

Wimpy Wednesday
I gave up, went home and watched seven episodes of the television show New Girl, I'm not a fan of Zoey D. , but those boys are hilarious. I did not clean like I should have for my friend coming into town the next day, I do not regret the decision.

Too Cool Thursday
I jetted from school right after duty, kicked the kids out and keep on moving because I had Educators Night in the Cultural District to attend. It started at four ( when all middle school teachers in my town are still in school, great time choice guys) so I was unable to catch all of the museums I wanted to, but all the swag I was able to grab at the ones I did attend was great.
I could not help, but think " This is what it's like for those "Young Professionals" who do happy hour and speciel events after work in places with great lighting and waitstaff involved. This was way better though, I can speak from experience because the one time I attended one I kept thinking, " These people are boring, you can tell they sit behind a desk and interact on a computer, not with over 100 brewing minds". I kid, I jest. Some of them we're interesting, but not as interesting as the wonderful art I saw, the interesting stories I learned and the funny ones some fellow teachers shared.

Freaky Friday
I did not teach, just give directions today. My friend was a guest speaker and the students had to write a response essay over her occupation topic. It was lovely, I acheived so many "To Do" items AND started planning a wonderful field trip for my English I students. Unfortunately 5th period was not welcoming to her when I was not in the classroom during passing period, but she did not inform me of this until later that evening. I made a phone call Saturday morning and after Monday I'm sure there will be a few more voodoo dolls in the world who look a little like me.

The Weekend
I purposefully did not plan on doing anything school related this weekend. My "B" team does not have a game Monday so I have before school and after school time to work in the room, I'm giddy like a three year old set free at the park.

I hope all enjoy their week, I will check back in and finally, we can talk about something else way more interesting than my schedule. I'm thinking decorating, I've been doing plenty of this lately at home and in the classroom and I could definitely use some help.

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