Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What the Kids Say: Starting the Year Off with a Laugh

Me: Okay so I know who to grab your folders from tell me who you had last year?
Male Student: I had -, and she was a horrible teacher.
Me: You know we're friends right?
Male Student: Well, I guess we'll just call today opposite day.

Female Student: Miss if I don't have anymore room left on my paper should I get another piece of paper?
Me: Someone go ahead and answer that for her.
Male Student: Welp common sense would tell you yes, since you can't write anythnig else on that piece. Duh!
Me: Next time let's tell her in a nicer way, hmmm.
Male Student: Common sense is not nice, Miss.

Male Student: Miss, I just feel like your Attention Grabber is not my style. I want more of my style, my personality, but I don't know if you can handle it.
Me: Being as I handle your personality every single day during 5th period, I think I can handle it in a paper.
Male Student: Miss you know you like my personality, you know it, but don't worry I won't tell anyone. I know it would ruin your reputation.

Me: Please give me an example of "could", "would" and "should".
 Male Student ( referring to his best friend in class): He should have caught the football, so that we could have won the game! Just one catch and we would have won!

Hope these laughs get you through the last few days of the week. No worries, I have some pretty funny ladies too, you'll be hearing from them next time.

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  1. These are hilarious!!! I especially love the last one, and I bet your dad would, too!!!