Monday, September 24, 2012


Yes all caps because, it's been just that long. Seriously, I worked out and hardcore at that. I did not go easy on myself and will definitely be sore tomorrow morning, but I'm already excited to workout again tomorrow.

Everyday I literally ( true definition) walk by a very nicely equipped gym in the athletic hallway I coach in and I finally used it for some good. I stayed to watch the 8th graders who I coached last year play since my 7th graders did not have a game and at some point I just decided, "Okay it's time to go workout" and I did.

The whole time players and a few student fans were walking by and I absolutely hate the idea of people watching me workout, I'm no Misti Treanor ( because I probably have her name wrong, I'm referencing the Olympic Beach Volleyball winner). I just kept telling myself, "It's okay I'm setting a good example of how to loose weight and be healthy about my body". I'm pretty sure I repeated that phrase about 20 times. But who cares because I worked out!

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  1. GOOD FOR YOU! (Caps because it's so true). And you're right- you are setting a huge huge huge example that people can work hard and try to be healthy even (gasp) after high school. You go girl. (yep. I just said that). Keep it up!!!