Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today I'm a Writer, Tomorrow I'm a . . .

Bleh, this writing my schedule down is stressful, my memory is not over the moon about reliving these intensely busy days. Seriously, I leave the school with so much more to do because I have stuff to do at home. I need a "Bewitched" kind of moment, house cleaned with the twitch of my nose. Love it!

Tuesday the Terror, Oh the Terror

7:15a- Volleyball practice, from the beginning of September until the middle of April I'm at the school for practice by this time. I'm just thankful our school starts so late or else I would be waking up in the 5 o'clock hour.
8:30a- Run downstairs, get dressed. Run up stairs, check box. Run downstairs, set-up room and check e-mail.
9:20a- Teach. Like I've said before those first three classes are great independent works, but man oh man that last class is neither independent nor discussion ready- strictly guided.
12:35p- Lunch, quietly in my room. Life is good.
12:53p- They're back. I never realize how small my room is until everyone in this class is present and we're all shuffling and squeezing around each other to get from point A to point B.
1:53p- Answer a parent e-mail with a phone call. Handled it. Department meeting amongst the 8th grade teachers in order to prepare the script/outline and overall plan for our parent meeting Friday.
3:01p- Well hello 5th period. Otherwise known as the period that I talk the entire time because during the moment I take a breathe or take a sip of water some wiseguy jumps in to do his stand-up routine.
4:20p- School is out. And I'm meeting with a student who needs make-up work due to absences.
6:30p- I'm home early, what?! I rewrote the story Three Little Pigs for my class example then hightailed it out of there. Okay, okay, I was moving out the building so fast I may have forgotten to workout. It was worth it though I was finally able to hang some decor on the walls and talk to an old friend.
8:30p- Really quick I jump on the Internet to look up the information I need for class tomorrow and then boom I'm done for the day. I should be in bed by 11p. Oh snap.

Okay , but honestly I was only able to achieve three things on my to do list, bummer, but there's still the rest of the week. There is still some time AND man my rewrite of the Three Little Pigs is fabulous. I should sell it as a children's book .  . . naw, that would be even more on my to do list.
Please, oh please tell me about your day, did you stop to smell the roses? I didn't, but I did leave my scentsy on all night, oops,  so this morning my class smelled amazing.

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  1. Oh my dear sweet busy Dev'n. So you want a comment do you? Well I can assure you that my day is NOTHING like yours and that's why you get paid the big bucks now! ;) Woke up at 6, to eat and prep, woke baby up at 7:30, out the door at 8, at PDO by 8:30, watched kids til 2:30 (still a stay at home mom mind you! no prep time!)- home by 3:30, then back out the door for a Redeemer pool party at 6:30, home and putting baby down by 9:30, doing my Beth Moore study til... now, 10:30- and need to be back up by 6:30 to prep for Bible study tomorrow morning at Redeemer. Love ya girl. Hope you're finding a great church home there!