Sunday, September 16, 2012

Starting Off on a Good Note

So, in light of the Chicago Teacher's Strike CNN did a piece over a few teachers to explain why teachers do what they do despite the not always visible payoff. It was a great article that featured many different types of teachers doing what they love for various reason. Yet, typical, many people decided to focus on the gentleman who loves teaching for the vacation and the chance to be home at 2:15 with his kids, not the couple who both work two jobs just to stay afloat or the father furthering his education to ensure higher pay, but living in college housing with his family until graduation.
 Instead of all out complaining or jumping on my soapbox, that's just a wee worn out here lately, I'm going to sway with the crowd this one time, just this once, and focus on the schedule also, my schedule. For the entire week I intend to post my daily schedule on here, from top to bottom. Now I realize that every teacher doesn't teach what I teach nor do they all coach, but most teachers are doing more in school than just teaching in the classroom, so in the end the crazy hours add up just the same across the board- except for that 2:15 guy. Seriously, where does he work and do they have any openings.

Sunday_ Setting Up For the Week

10:40a- appointment at Apple because technology is just funny like that. Afterwards I grab four thumbprints from a local bakery and head to the school.
11:30a- Check into school and as always thank God I have a key since I'm a coach because my i.d. swipe still doesn't work.
2:40p- Leave the school after doing some classroom organizing, setting up some grades I'll enter later and redesign my desk number system to function better for all involved.
4:30p- Arrive home after grocery shopping for the week and cook a large lunch. Watch some online television, do some home decorating, and finally take a seat.
8:03p- Wake up from a crash out nap that started around six. Unfortunately this is the routine for my body due to trying to adjust to morning practices ( more on that later), but this is my week to nip these naps in the bud because this is just ridiculous. Read a little, procrastinate definitely and call my grandmother who I love and haven't talked to in ages.
10:30p- Lesson Plan, this actually doesn't take that long because I'm constantly planning ahead when planning so by the fourth week everything is pretty much filled in  and the longest thing is typing up my lesson plan. Enter grades, and save my weekly progress reports.

Usually I actually grade on Sunday, but do to a teacher work day on Friday I just stayed up to the school until 7:30 grading and planning our upcoming 8th grade curriculum grade meeting ( more on that later also). How did you spend your Friday night? Mine was "like" awesome ( swear if I read that word in one more formal essay!).

Every night I lay out my clothes for the next day and pack my lunch because I'm always running out the door, praying there is no traffic and carrying way to many bags. Bag lady indeed. What does your daily schedule look like, any fellow teachers who would love to follow the crowd with me feel free- let's show this typical world how so right they are about our easy schedules.

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