Monday, October 8, 2012

Moving Things, Doing Thangs

I just performed a huge teacher first, I mean the whole entire time I kept thinking, " Someone is about to figure out I'm pretty green and shut this down real quick." No one did though, and not only did I receive compliments for this great milestone, but I'm pretty sure there will be more. More what you ask. An end of the six weeks Write-In!!!
 Seriously, our Reading Literacy teacher handed me a print out from another explaining how every Friday all their 8th graders join them in the library for a write-in the entire period. I took that idea and turned it into a timed writing that has the students physically walk through the writing process. It was great because the kids finally saw what is needed to complete a detailed essay that answers the prompt with grammatically correct sentences and great diction. While at the same time I was able to see where they struggle in the writing process, what they don't understand about outlining and the fact that plot has not been mastered yet by the majority of my angels in disguise.
Next step, walk them through , step by step the process using the same prompt, but our class essay as a guide. Then they'll compare/contrast theirs to ours. They'll also have a partner grade the essay using the STAAR Rubric and we'll Sentence Trash on the big board. What is Sentence Trashing you say, welp, you just wait and see.

As far as life I've kind of been a roller coaster. First there's extreme joy of celebrating my birthday this upcoming weekend, hello family and friends I have missed dearly and cannot wait to hug! Then there's the rock in my stomach over reconnecting with a guy friend who I've spent the last almost six years trying to get over- I'll blame the time period on lack of decent prospects and not the fact that he's just THAT great of a guy.  Not to mention my parents have caught a second wind in this, " When will our girl settle down" speech. News flash guys, the only meal your girl has cooked in the last two years is soup . . .the thought of cooking eggs makes me no longer hungry, so doubt I'm about turn into "Holly Homemaker" anytime soon. NOW , back to birthday excitement and family hang time, seriously cannot wait!

Talk about taking the plunge

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