Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let Me Check My Calendar

So interesting fact about me, I am now a year older than I was the last time I blogged. Just older, not wiser. I had an amazing weekend with my family, I mean I just hate to say goodbye, but I love to hug them hello. It was a great weekend, I was able to do all that I planned except two things (stop by an old friends classroom and catch up with the roommie from the mission trip), but those are on my to do list for the next visit.

Wicked Witch now teaches 8th graders as a day job. Some would say still working with monkeys, but I'd disagree.

I will say I do see some changes from last year to this year as a person, but what do can you expect. I'm no longer fresh out of college where going to class only happened if it was convenient and I definitely logged more hours in Barnes and Nobles than I did on my transcript. Let's not even talk about the social life. While I still spend plenty of time in B&N and spend quality time with those I care about I also spend plenty of time working my tale ( English Pun) end off at a job I hold dear. I've also started thinking where will this love lead me and for some reason I'm surprised, but why baffles me because it makes so much sense. Tonight and tomorrow night I'm meeting with folks to figure out plans. I have no intentions on rushing anything and definitely believe in a little outline plan- not a detailed plan because those never workout, but a some goals.

I'm excited, I'm excited for so many things I could burst, but instead my body just gets overworked in a little amount of time and I end up passing out- like I did yesterday on the bus to our game ( First B team win and they earned it!) and like I'm about to do right now.
 Good night, I pray you have some excitement, love or just joy in you life to look forward to, it may not be that evident right here in this moment, but just take a look around some corners and I'm sure you'll find it waiting for you.

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