Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What the Kids Say: The Funny Stuff

Here's a few funny comments from the past week that honestly had me dying with laughter . . .

Me: It's been scientifically proven that a human being cannot lick the tip of their elbow, but if you can do it I will give you a 90 in my class for the six weeks. Promise.

After numerous attempts . . .

Male Student Number1: If I could just grow my tongue, just like two more inches. They should invent that I can't be the only person who needs a longer tongue.

Male Student2: Forget that I'm just going to pop my shoulder out of place when I get home, my mom his going to be so proud of me!

Male Student: Miss you wanna know why I really didn't come to school yesterday. Cause it was rainin' and I was not sittin' at the bus stop in no rain just waitin'. Hmm, I didn't much even wanna come today and it was cold outside, so I sure wasn't waitin' in no rain.

Female Student: " I'm gone need you to stop raising your hand an' bein' a nerd. I know the answers too, now stop it!"
Me: " Hey, sportsmanship, we cannot play the game if you cannot treat each other with respect."
Female Student: " Miss, I'm just tired of them answering everything just because all they do is read all day!"
Are you smarter than a 5th grader, they're pretty intelligent and so adorable.

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