Monday, March 26, 2012

It Was That Kind of Weekend

One of my best buddies came into town this weekend and I was excited about the visit ALL week! In honor of one of my favorite distractions and all the fun I'm had this weekend I'm going to let the honorable Mr. Newman what exactly went down this weekend . . .

Dance, dance until I could no longer dance anymore.

Smelled, lounge in the presences of some lovely flowers at the Botanical Gardens . . . if only I could look this charming.

Have fun, pure fun with one of my closest friends.

Eat way more than I should, and like it.

And one to get me through this brand new week, full of STAAR testing. 

How was your weekend, did it leave you as worn out as mine has left me- there is a reason why teachers believe in early bedtimes. What all did you do OR not do?

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