Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Few Good Distractions

Sometimes, heaven forbid I get a little distracted during my day. Thank goodness it usually occurs during sustained silent reading so no young minds are harmed, but for these distractions I'd be willing to risk a few young minds.
Dr. Avery, oh my. Honestly it's not Jesse Williams, the gent who plays Dr. Avery, but truly Dr. Avery who I find irresistible. The character is a great guy, hard working and just goofy enough that his great looks aren't too intimidating, but don't be fooled because he's a highly assertive man. 

A rebel with a cause, I just saw this movie over spring break with my little sister and man oh man was I okay with the scarce clothing. 

This guy is a model that liters my pinterest board. If I ever meet him I will promptly me handcuffed about 20 minutes after we make eye-contact. Seriously, Je t' adore. 

They just don't make them how they use to AND don't even get me started on the greatness of Paul Newman and Joanna Woodards marriage. 

Please, please do. Nerd love at it's greatest.  

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