Thursday, March 1, 2012

Boys Can Wear Pink Too

Dexter looking fetching in a pink tie, there is irony here- I hope you find it.

Recently a mother picking her son up from school was greeted with a great story . A student the day before had worn a pink shirt to school and some students had bullied him calling him "gay". In response the other students agreed the following day to all wear pink to school to show that the color of your shirt makes no difference who you are as a person. 
They all did it too, the mom said that she looked around a flood of children had were wearing pink.

This is actually a campaign, founded by the Boys and Girls Club- check it out.

A wise teacher once told me that students learn their judgements, social habits and conversation topics from their parents. Not a groundbreaking comment, but one that some people forget, especially when it comes children. Children hear and see much more than we give them credit for and in the day of kids turning into adults too soon it is nice to see that some of their adult decisions are way better than anything any adult could come up with.

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