Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What the Kids Say: Relationship 101

Junior High is the age when most people have their first real relationships, get their first kiss and receive their first heartbreak. As a teacher I am privy to all the declarations, miscommunication and advice columnist that take place in the halls- sometimes I'm even on the receiving end . . . 

Female Student: "He broke up with her, but he told her he'd ask her back out in two weeks."

Female Student: "Stop touching me, you do not have to touch me every time you walk by!"
Male Student: " Girl please, you better be happy you gettin' touched cause don't nobody else want to."

Male Student: "Miss I need teachers to stop given homework, I can't see my girlfriend with all this homework. I haven't seen her in a month- she could have another boyfriend by now."

Male Student: " She is so pretty, I love her so much. I love how pretty she is and I want to buy her everything she wants"

Me: " Do you just love her for her looks? I'm sure her looks-"
Male Student: " Miss, I'm in the 8th grade."

Male Student: " I dated an older girl and she was not as controlling as her. You can't give a girl your facebook password, you cell phone password, myspace password, twitter password and do everything she says. I don't care how pretty she is or what she gives you in return."

Female Athlete to Me: "Coach, you not that old! You can still get a man, your pretty and everything . . .even if you do have those funny ways about you. You can get a man if you want."

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  1. HHHAHAHA the last one just about killed me. I love it. So much. :)