Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We Interrupt the Regular Scheduled Programming . . .

 . . . For State Mandated Testing, booo! Next week I will continue to on the series of suggested books, picking up with young adults AND because you dear readers are sooo patient there will indeed be two post.

Until then my hard working parents, here are some t.v. shows that keep distracting me as I wonder up and down the aisle refraining from reading questions and giving thanks that someone was kind enough to invent "wear your jeans to work" day. Put the kids to bed, snuggle up with your favorite warm blooded animal or glass of bubble- whatever makes you happy and get ready to zone out.

Amanda, how we've missed you. What better welcome back date than this fine gentleman beside you and a box of laughs. She's a good girl doing everything right, but everything keeps going wrong and he's a bad boy barely holding on, but still making it work. The cast is great and the anticipation even better. My favorite quote, " You didn't break, just bent."

Best Friends Forever:
Great laugh out loud moments of a grown up, healthy best friend relationship. Seriously, you will laugh out loud. The show has not premiered yet, but check out Hulu for a sneak peek. Favorite quote: " Fighting weight, gotta get back to your fighting weight."

Happy Endings:
This started out with one scenario of a couple breaking up, but keeping the friends and ended with a great group of friends who know entirely too much about each other to start looking for new friends- not that they want or need too. Favorite Ongoing Quote: " Bitch, it is four a.m."

This show is like Glee, only everyone is an adult or at least they're suppose to act like one. The voices are great and there are some genuinely funny moments. Favorite Quote: Every time someone breaks out in song

I love her stand-up and I love her show, but really I love her the comedic genius that is her and her on-screen boyfriend. Seriously, they are that couple that you would actually be willing to hangout with in your free time. Favorite Quote: " Hey TeenWolf, oh yeah I remember you."

You know what it stands for, don't pretend. First I love Annie Potts, I was raised by her and Julia Sugarbaker and she's just as great in this show. All these women carry their own comedic story lines and don't be fooled they're tough as nails. This show reminds me just how powerful a left handed compliment can be when delivered just right. Favorite Quote: "And if anything goes wrong, Gigi can just shoot 'em".

What are you watching to zone out from a busy day, or maybe you're like I used to be with no cable or internet and just stick to reading. Either way let me know what takes you away for a bit at the end of a busy, busy day. 


  1. I have never heard of some of these shoes, but will definitely check some of them out.

    1. Please do, I guarantee you will laugh out loud.