Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuck Them Tight, Read Them Right and They'll Dream Wonderfully All Through the Night

Whenever I'm telling some unbelievable, but oh so true story about a thick headed student of mine my friends always laugh and then ask with horror in their eyes, " how am I going to make sure that's not my kid?" 
And I always respond to them, just read to them as much as possible, as often as possible and as many different styles as possible.

Since obviously the reading starts young here's some starts:

Kids, love him, the rhyming and the characters are home to the fresh imaginations.
People who love me still give these books to me as presents, AND I learned why not to tell a lie, about too much junk food, and not talking to strangers from this family.

Girls and BOYS, love these characters with personality and imagination.

Love the love and friendship, The Season book was the first book I ever read to my parents . . . they were trying to see if I had just memorized all the others, proved them wrong and still have the book to this day.
There are so many more, but these are no without fail crowd pleasers- even adults cannot get enough. 
In a soon to come blog, I'll move past the "tucking them in for the night" stage and on to the maybe "grounded  from television you'll actually pick up a book stage".

Who says the reading has to be confined to bedtime?!


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  2. Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl were definitely a couple of my favorites growing up!

    I recently stumbled upon a trio of picture books about a baby called Baby Brains, by Simon James. I brought one of his books, Baby Brains and Robomom, to a Kindergarten library story time, and the kids LOVED it! The next time I went back to that class to read to them, they asked, "Did you bring more Baby Brains?" So those are some newer children's books I can highly recommend! The books are super silly yet don't talk down to kids, and the character Baby Brains is a good role model, too--he'd rather be exercising his brain than doing normal baby activities! :)

    1. I just love the name " Baby Brain" . . . I'm also very jealous that you were able to read to a group of Kinders, that's the one thing I loved about working with that age group- reading aloud was always an adventure.