Thursday, March 1, 2012

And Thank You

I had to make parent contact today twice and both times it was quick, to the point and we were all on the same page- LOVE IT!
It makes my day when parents realize that discipline is not a bad thing and that their children are just that, children learning the ends and outs of life. Think of how many corrections and lessons learned we go through as adults . . . now flashback to when you were a kid living on a dream . . .now enjoy that "light bulb moment".

I love this, light bulb moments make you grow!
 Granted some students have more growing moments than others, which as parents can be frustrating, but I guarantee your child is more frustrated with you in the " I just cannot do anything right" phase of life. How we as parents and teachers not only react to their growing pains, but help them learn from them can make or break who the will become later in life.

So thank you to the parents who work with me as a teacher, and to all the parents and teachers out there that although they may sigh and shake their fist to the sky often, they refuse to give up on their children.

HAHA, whatever it takes?!

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